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Blueberry Hill 9/4/70


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Source 1 ver 1: Neutral Zone cds (sourced from original tape used to make the TmQ bootleg vinyl - so tracks are deliberately out of order), or try Last Stand Discs version which put the NZ cd tracks in the correct running order.

Source 1 ver 2: Empress Valley TmQ version, (sourced from the original tapes, which have since aged).  Doesn’t sound as clear as the NZ version, but has more tape in spots, or try Eat a Peach for a combination of tracks from the Neutral Zone and Empress Valley releases.

Source 2: Only available on vinyl and incomplete. Lots of vinyl rips exist, some better than others.

Source 3: Cobla Standard mix has clearest sound, Graf Zeppelin has mix based on 3rdgen tape. 2nd/3rd/4th gen versions exist too.

Source 4: Lowgen source. 

Source 5: Lowgen source has cuts and a few channel issues. Golden Eggs has the source cleaned up and mixed with other sources to make the complete show.

Source 6: Tranafer from master cassette is the only circulating version. This source has roughest sound, but has the full intro, just like Source 4.


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Just listened to the Neutral zone version. Wow,  that one is really clear. What a great show full of energy. I know they are a lot of famous shows. and everyone has their favorites. But when ever anyone compiles a list of the best shows sound and performance. This show should be in the top 5 of everyone's list.

    Plants voice is awesome at this show, and I know people pick shows because Jimmy is having a good night, or Bonham. But this one has all them firing on all cylinders. 

   Plant never sounded this good after 71' and I can't think of any better shows, but the band always seemed better when they were playing L.A.    


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