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Best of Knebworth 1979


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So I settled the debate of which night is better, August 4th and August 11th. The answer is both!

I took the two nights and merged them into a sort of "Super Knebworth" show. I put countless hours into this.

I think it came out as good as I could make it! 

I'll have details of what is played on what night in the video description at a date in the near future.


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16 hours ago, June72 said:

Well... personally I'd say the first show is a few miles in front of the second but to each their own.


Well yeah, lol. That's my why the vast majority of it is from the 4th. But large portions of this is from the 11th. Songs that have been mixed with the 4th and 11th:

The Song Remains the Same

Celebration Day

Black Dog

Over the Hills and Far Away

Misty Mountain Hop

Since I've Been Loving You

No Quarter

Hot Dog

The Rain Song

Black Mountain Side 

Trampled Under Foot

Stairway to Heaven 

Whole Lotta Love

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