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Looking For Concert Videos


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Hi guys, i'm new to the forum and don't know if this is the way to go about it but anyone who has full or partial concerts could you please PM me with the links? I started playing guitar 6 months ago but started getting into their songs a month ago. It would be great to see how they played live. So please if anyone could help me out with their live concerts please pm me. Preferrably from 1969-1980. Their O2 concert would be great too. Thanks!

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ledzepfilm is a great hub for fan shot/semi pro footage of the band playing. Sadly, these videos only contain snippets of concerts. Some of them may only contain a few seconds of a few separate songs, while others do better jobs of getting almost complete shots of certain songs.

I'd also recommend The Royal Albert Hall 1970 video, as its arguably the best show the group ever pro shot. Another great one is the Denmark 1969 Radio performance.

If you search up "Led Zeppelin DVD" on google and go to its wikipedia page, it will list a bunch of performances included on that DVD. Look up the corresponding date on youtube, and you'll find some great stuff.

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I'd suggest if you are looking to gain inspiration from Led Zeppelin and are discovering just how great their songs are, as you are just now discovering them - you actually spring for the Led Zeppelin DVD. Well worth the 30 bucks or so. It contains early, middle, and late concert footage - all pro shot and multi-tracked. A good selection of songs on there and an entire very early concert in the extras. Can't go wrong. It is a great DVD to own.

Youtube is also your friend.

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