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Yardbirds playing St Xavier Prom 1968

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Great story!! Thanks for posting! Can't you just picture a scene like the "Stroll On" sequence in Blow Up?

As the article alludes to, the Yardbirds mimed to "Heart Full of Soul" on the Upbeat tv program on April 25, the day before this prom. There's also a recording of their show on the evening of April 25 at the Allen Theatre in Cleveland.


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My nephew just graduated from Xavier (nobody calls it St. Xavier, even if that's its official name.) As the article mentioned, the school is still very straight laced (boys only, ties required, a dean of discipline who takes his job seriously, etc.) Based on what my nephew said about his time at the school, I can't imagine a similar band playing there today, even though the shock of people with long hair playing loud guitars has long since worn off. It must have been quite the jolt back then to have a band like the Yardbirds do a show there, with Vietnam going on and the length of your hair being as much of a social statement as fashion statement.

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