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Compiling Vinyl Releases


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Been a minute. Been lurking since 2007 and then was semi active when I finally got to see Page in- person in 2014. 

Anyways, I have (unfortunately) been bit by another phase of being a Zep-fanatic... getting into vinyl. I am realizing this is a costly and inconvenient hobby but it is something I have always wanted to do. Bought my first player in April and have amassed a nice little collection so far. Of course, I want the centerpiece of it to be a solid Zeppelin bootleg collection. I am not so much bothered by rarity and age (I did jump and probably over- pay for a Rubber Dubber that I found in- store, though), but I am looking towards having performances of songs and shows I really enjoy. 

My question is, does anyone know of a sort of database that keeps track of "new" releases every year. For example, I just picked up this beautiful 4-LP set called "Ultimate Blueberry Hill". Of course I am quite familiar with Blueberry Hill, and it is a modern release with a great matrix source. Has foldout artwork of each band member in colorful dresses. Anyways, I cannot find any information on this release of Blueberry Hill. It is leading me to question what I am missing, as it might be easy to pick up new releases such as this in the moment as opposed to hunting out of release ones. 

I have joined the Blueberry Hill and Bootleg groups on Facebook, too. Great groups. 

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