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Robert Plant on St. Marks / Physical Graffiti Building REDUX


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16 minutes ago, mrledhed said:

when was this taken?

2012. There is a thread on here that explains that day. But this was what I did with the color version of this photo where I thought the B&W would be much better.

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Awesome photo!  He looks great.  I dig the black and white.  I live in NYC and go past the "Physical Graffiti" buildings once in a while.  It's nice to actually see him standing across from them.  For fun I'll take someone on a detour to stand them in that exact spot and ask if anything looks familiar across the street.  (Out of state, Zep fans of course).   They'll stare and squint - never really knowing why I put them there. But moment I say, Physical Graffiti?  It clicks and they freak.  lol.  Coincidentally, I've always wondered HOW they framed that shot because there isn't a lot of room from across the street.  I imagined something like a 16mm or lower had to be used?  Or even taking the shot from the roof across the way.  It really is a mystery shot.  Anyone know of the camera specs on the album photo?  

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