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Why no new/orignal merchandise?

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I want the same Zeppelin t-shirt I purchased at the Zeppelin concert on April 25,1977 on Louisville Ky.  at Freedom Hall.

It was their standard bkack, Zeppelin Icarus design, with United States of America 1977 on the front.

I keep looking on their store's site. They don't have them. I've been checking for year's.  None. It's a very common Zeppelin t-shirt. There are many counterfeit similar t-shirts out there.  But, I want an orignal Zeppelin designed t-shirt! 

Most Zeppelin fan's are older. They want the exact same t-shirt they purchased 50 year's ago when they seen Zeppelin.  Not just anything. The exact same thing. 

Also, there are no poster's or prints available,  and hardly ever is. Why is this? Produce more. Anyway. Thank you! Sorry to ramble on. Thanks. John. Indiana. 

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7 hours ago, SteveAJones said:

Most Led Zeppelin fans who attended the April 25,1977 concert aren't looking to buy a t-shirt, they're on life support.



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