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Most Under-rated Zep Track

Nobody`s Fault But Hers

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It's not really that shocking when you consider the fact that by the time PG came out, Zep already had a very long list of songs to include in their live set lists. Their first album came out in what, 1968? So that's 7 years of albums to cull from even before looking at the current release. Including nearly half of Zep IV. They couldn't do everything. I think the fact a lot of those songs weren't done live is what makes them so underrated and special to fans.

The wait for PG to be released was just agonizing for us die hard fans that could not wait to see what would come next. 18 months after Houses of the Holy our dreams were finally fulfilled with the release of PG. When I got my 8 track and first pushed it into my car stereo, I could not believe the sounds that came out like Trampled under Foot and Kashmir. So very differant than their previous material, yet so great. I saiid, "these guys are not human". they were sent from heaven. They are the the new Beethoven. The musical genious's of our day and I knew that they would never be equalled and I was right and I will always be right. They will never be equalled. I guess that most of the underated songs would come from either PG or III. Whole Lotta Love was such a smash album (II I mean) that III was probably not rated as high by the casual fan. I personally love III. Hell, you can even play with it. The old album with the pin wheel. The acoustic sets were just fabulous. Thats the Way alwys just had a way of taking me away and making me forget all else going on around me. As for PG, what a masterpiece of an album this truly is. To me its always going to be IV and then PG and II tied. IV is the defining album. Face it folks. Accept it. To the casual fan IV is always going to be the album that defines Led Zeppelin.

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