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Most Under-rated Zep Track

Nobody`s Fault But Hers

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A song that never gets mentioned, not even in these "most underated" threads, is one of their great soul song "Baby Please Come Home". It's a great song & is truly underated unlike "The Rain Song" & "The Rover", even non-Zep fans who listen to Classic Rock radio have at least heard those. "Baby Please Come Home" is complete Stax records, I could see Otis Redding singing that onstage next to Plant.

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Down By the Seaside.

I will always remember the drummer in one of my old bands who famously said, "I'm not a big Zeppelin fan, but that is without a doubt a gem of a song on Physical Graffiti."

I couldn't agree more. And as someone said in another thread not too long ago, it makes you realize how good the sessions for Zeppelin IV were when they didn't use a song of Seaside's calibur.

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In My Time of Dying. Closest to metal Zep has gotten besides ALS.

The Ocean. I thought they loved this song. It never made sense to me why they picked Dyer Maker of this for Mothership.

I'm Gonna Crawl. Best song off of ITTOD.

Candy Store Rock. My favorite song off of Presence, next to ALS.

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Hey Hey What Can I Do

Candy Store Rock


Gallows Pole

Down By The Seaside

Four Sticks

Good Times, Bad Times

For Your Life


The Rain Song

Ten songs that (to me) should be played and talked about more from the mighty Zeppelin catalog. :notworthy:

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Living Loving Maid. Everybody hates it, even the band, to me it's a great song, love it.

Same here! When I first started to listen to Zeppelin, I thought that this song is one of their best. I mean, not like the epics STH and Kashmir, but still a good one. And I was very surprised when I saw that Living lovin woman is rated as one of their worst ones.

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Definitely " In The Light". Everytime I listen to Physical Graffiti, I have to play and re play it over and over again. It's such a beautiful song with that Eastern-Indian oriented intro and the guitar work is just nice. Just wonder why this is one of the most under rated Zep songs??? God figure..

The band Great White played a good version of this song. :)

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under-rated zepp songs:

*going to california

*battle of evermore


*that's the way

*your time is gonna come/black mountain slide

*gallows pole

*in the light

*the ocean

*down by the seaside

*ten years gone

*the rain song

all pure magic.

these are the best songs to relax to.

.... i hate the little smiley faces so i'm not going to put one in.

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Only true zep fans know the song,it's amazing!


It's my favoute riff



But Bring It On Home was just brilliant,it should be there.

In my time of dying rocks doesnt get played much dont know why

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I`m talking here about songs that never made the Mothership or Remasters collection. Songs that you think should be on any "Best of" album and why. I`ll throw a few names in the hat.....

Bring It on Home - probably the fattest, meatiest guitar riff I`ve ever heard and every time I play it I just have to turn the volume up a little bit more.

Four Sticks - easily, the finest rhythm section in rock performing what no other rhythm section has dared to pull off since. Awesome beat, rocking electric guitar riff supplemented beautifully by the accoustic interludes, and some of the most powerful vocals ever put to vinyl.

The Rover - played this to a few uneducated younger mates recently. After a few seconds, every one of them was either tapping their feet, bopping their heads, or air-drumming the beat above the poker table with their hands. Spoke volumes.

BRING IT ON HOME :D 2nd only to the Ocean.

Anyway I'd rather just buy all their original albums (got 5 so far) and see for myself what's the best, because no-one else can really decide for you, the box set is the only compilation where everyone will be happy.

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