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  1. Arrghhh i cant help it..I have to post some silver fox
  2. Post wouldnt be complete without..
  3. Yeesssss Alex isnt he just gorgeous...its enough to give any girl a fainting spell
  4. Ohh Alex ur killing me Elllooo gorgeous smilie
  5. I can't get over this piccy...
  6. Ommggggg Alex this is STUNNINGGGGg :wub: :wub:
  7. Hehe... it's the curls....and the eyes...and the scarf..and the everything..
  8. Hehe...love em! Some more Silver Fox... And now for one of me fave silver fox piccys...brace urself... :wub: :wub:
  9. aahhhh...missed these forums....

  10. hhhhhhheeeeeeeyyyyy been a while since Ive been on here! Missed this place...but good to be back with my silver fox n dark angel...mwhahaha... Alex...if ur on...this post is for yoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu continuing...
  11. Same as before, Cappacino. flats or heeled shoes?
  12. Nope. HYE jumped out of a tree to scare anyone?
  13. Yup. HYE bought a book/cd/dvd that you didnt think you owned but in fact did?
  14. Nope. HYE worn a t shirt and realised that it was the wrong way round?
  15. custard which sounds better: Mango&Passion fruit or Apple&banana?
  16. Cheeeerrrrs for the friend add. :)

  17. no. HYE spun round so many times after alot of sugar that you vomited?
  18. Once yeh..except it was 3 days. had a water fight?
  19. Sugar-not a fan of Cinnamon. Dog or cat as a pet?
  20. Dont know either. Sweet or Savoury? (in general)
  21. haha yes, once or twice. HYE swum in a river?
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