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  1. I've got Roger Daltrey in Manchester on July 7th performing the whole of "Tommy" and other classics.... Can't wait!!!
  2. Very good! Particularly liked the acoustic part. Myles is a good front man with a unique voice. I don't think he would be a replacement for RP as was rumoured but overall a good show!! The only downside was some fat bird spilling a full pint of beer over my girlfriend coat,jeans and Timberlands without apologising!! Anyone know how to get the stains out??? lol Hawthorne, that's not too faraway from Bergenfield is it? I lived in NJ for a while, loved it there which may surprise the Americans on here as I know most Americans slate it...
  3. I'm going watching Alter Bridge on Tuesdsay in Manchester,can't wait!
  4. I've got Skynyrd in Manchester on March 8th. They are like buses, don't come here for years then twice within 9 months. Fantastic!!
  5. Going to see the Zep tribute band 'Whole Lotta Led' in Wigan on Dec 5th... If we can't have the real thing, then a tribute is the next best thing!!
  6. Has anyone here heard or got the Jethro Tull Xmas CD? I do like Tull but never thought about getting this CD, then I was in a shop the other day and I heard one of their Xmas songs and quite enjoyed it. Would like feedback before I go about buying it... Thanks!
  7. Got my tickets coutesy of o2 priority the day before general sale for Skynyrd in Manchester on March 8th.
  8. 1. Auf Wiedersehen Pet (British 80's show about brickies in Germany) 2. Match Of The Day (Weekly football show) 3. The Sopranos 4. My Name Is Earl 5. Prison Break 6. The Bill 7. Life On Mars (UK version)
  9. moffo

    Make me laugh!

    A nun who went to the Doctors because she was sick was told she was pregnant. Totally dumbfounded at the news, the next day she stormed into the monastery where the monks lived and shouted, "Right, which one of you dirty bastards has been wanking over the candles?"
  10. My girlfriend got this caricature done of me as the 5th member of Led Zep for my birthday, looks pretty cool, what do you think??
  11. moffo

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Love it, simple but so effective!!! (This was posted by 3hrsoflunacy back on the first page and I meant to reply as a quote, just so no-one things i'm taking the glory for this pic!!!) LOL
  12. I hadn't heard of Aynsley Lister till on the day when I found out who the support act was. Thoroughly enjoyed him, think I'll be downloading him today! I did actually see 2 fellas with Zep t-shirts on and I wondered if they were from here. I had a Skynyrd one on, but my girlfriend put her Zep one on (one of us had to show our colours!!)... I was sat about 5 rows from the back, not the best seats but the sound seemed pretty good for a venue that needs some work doing to it!!!
  13. I went to see Skynyrd last night in Manchester and they rocked... of course the highlight was Freebird which was awesome, but I've got to say they nailed every song!!! Let's hope they get back to Manchester soon!!
  14. I'm going on Saturday, can't wait. Been waiting since December since it was announced!!!
  15. my my my my my my my my pokerface..... All day long, the same line over and over... (By Lady GaGa...)
  16. I want it!!! Love it love it love it!!!!!!!!
  17. How can Leno take the piss out of anyone's looks, does his house have magic mirrors???? He got a chin that would put a racehorse to shame!!!
  18. WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers Lillith, got it working now, the idiot's guide is just what i needed!!!!!
  19. I keep getting a message about encoding to make the document readable, my choices are windows (default), MS-DOS or Other Encoding with a list of all different things.... Why can't they make computers easy to use!!
  20. Is to 'extract' all the same as unzipping??Sorry for being thick!!!! Duuuurrrrr!!!!
  21. About an inch to 2 inches of snow fell during the night...
  22. I've downloaded a couple of these before plus these, but me being not the best on computers can't work out how to use it!!! i've downloaded and saved it, but how do i actually use it on a word document??? please help!!!!!
  23. New Kids On The Block on Saturday night in Manchester... .... It was my girlfriends birthday, so I had no choice!!! What did brighten the evening up for me was when Donnie Walhberg came out to sing 'Cover Girl' in a Led Zeppelin T-shirt!!! Hopefully that will save me some of my street cred!!!
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