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  1. you are loved baby!

  2. awakes from a nice nap...staggers to the toilet and returns to the couch to continue his slumber.
  3. I can see Slash doing lead guitar. That would kick some ass.
  4. Destroyer is 4-27-77. Destroyer II is 4-28-77. I would have paid 100 bucks for Destroyer on vinyl, but I'm not a fan of the show. Considering their last show in 1977 was July 24th, I'm assuming "Seattle August 1977" is a shipping or mailing date, not a reference to an actual Led Zeppelin concert?
  5. is dreaming of her, over the hills..but not so far away!

  6. Awesome vid Sam. I'm assuming the audio is from Greensboro too? I've never listened to the show before.
  7. Hate to burst your inflating head but I do get it. The mystique of the band, along with the music is why they are so popular. But that doesn't mean any of them want to see people portray them in situations they would rather see fade into lore. Denial with half a smile is the way they've always played it and the way they will most likely continue doing so until they pass on. Hence why we may be stuck with Almost Famous as a pseudo-bio for now.
  8. Halloween 09 in Manhattan. I had a 104 fever in this pic and was on the verge of collapsing. Somehow, I managed.
  9. 1. How is this a disservice to the legacy of the band if he's bringing that legacy to fans who want to continue sharing it amongst themselves. Calling it "Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience" is perfectly fine. After all, he is Bonzo Jr. and, by nearly all accounts, the rightful heir to the percussion throne for the group. 2. Who gives a flying fuck what Ross or anyone thinks for that matter. If he has the blessing of the boys, which I'm sure he does, than that's all that matters. Bonzo would want Jason to do what makes him happy, and I'll bet if Bonzo were still alive, he'd play alongside his son...and sock Ross in the face for saying such nonsense.
  10. I think the boys largely gave in to Crowe's demand for music, not only because it was Crowe, but because Almost Famous is sort of semi-biographical in a way that pleases them without having to go into all the backstage, after hours nonsense that would overshadow any Zeppelin bio-pic. I see a bio-pic about them being made without Crowe over one with Crowe's involvement.
  11. I think what she was stating was the boys would only feel a movie about themselves would be valid if they are primarily in the movie, ala "TSRTS." Hence why my, like several other opinions, have slated a bio-pic may only work once they've passed on.
  12. Richard said "not much chance i think" in regards to my question. Unfortunately, he didn't elaborate whether music or creative differences would be the issue. I'd always found the biggest difficulty would be trying to do them justice with exploring the importance of the music without going too overboard with all the drugs and off stage shenanigans. Not to mention, there is so much to be told about their 12 years together, how could someone do them justice with a 2 hour movie?
  13. Considering a few of us have shared screenplay ideas with each other since the old board, I'd ask him how likely it is we'll ever see a motion picture made about the boys. And what angle or perspective would he like it told in.
  14. I'd always assumed Phil was brought in because he was one of the top acts in 1985 and because he had worked with Robert on his first few solo albums. Interestingly enough, I remember reading interviews that show a mutual respect and even friendship between Phil and some of the Zeppelin boys before 1985 but not much after.
  15. That was a fun interview! Was I the only one also smiling because the way the questioning was taking place reminded me of Spinal Tap?
  16. This album has definitely grown on me. Emerald Eyes and Prison Blues are excellent Page compositions. I dig The Only One, but I feel Page's solo hurts the song...ie..it could have been better. I do agree with the post on page 1, the "demo" quality or feel of the album does hurt it a bit, but it's still a great listen.
  17. Bonzo looked to be his heaviest in 1977, where I'd put him over 200lb.
  18. Yes, octopus soup and calamari. HYE eaten mussels that you've picked out of the ocean?
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