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  1. Is this an upgrade over Winston's "Danke Vienna"?
  2. I am not familiar with that one. Are you sure that date is correct?
  3. oops. Sorry, I got a little confused. The BBC sessions I was referring to was the Empress Valley Complete BBC, and not the "Official" BBC Sessions. The official BBC only has 2 sides and is missing parts of the 4/1/71 show. I guess I do have 2 "unofficial" versions of that show.
  4. I think 4/1/71 is a great one for a newcomer. For some reason, it rarely gets mentioned here. Either sides 3 and 4 of the BBC sessions (for official release) or for a boot, try "London Calling". There may be better bootlegs of that show, but I only have "London Calling". I had a recording of this show that I taped off the radio (WMMR in Philly) back in the 80s. I wore that tape out. I must have listened to that show more often than TSRTS back then. Sides 1&2 of BBC might be good for a newbie too, but I don't think that fits your original request.
  5. I didn't know there was a Winston Remaster of the Mobile show. I'll have to look that one up. Winston's shows are usually the best. I have the dadgad version. It's very good too.
  6. Me too, if that is permissable here. Thanks!
  7. What is the best version of Blueberry Hill? I like Winston's "The Great Love Affair" and the Cobla Standard "Live on Blueberry Hill". Does anything beat those 2 titles? What are the best sounding shows from Aug-Sept 1970?
  8. Vienna 3/16/73 is my "go-to bootleg". I think I listened to that more times than TSRTS.
  9. I don't think so. It doesn't have a '74 Led Zeppelin sound to it. Maybe a very early outtake or possibly Robert Plant pre-Zeppelin. It doesn't sound like Page.
  10. Royal Albert Hall - The Initial Tapes (Godfather)
  11. I got the 2CD 1Blu-Ray for Christmas. I was going to exchange it for the 2CD 1Blu-Ray 1DVD but I can't find it in stores. Should I wait for the stores to restock or was the 2CD 1Blu-Ray 1DVD a limited offer thing? I have my unopened copy in my hand and it's killing me not opening it.
  12. Wow! WTF? It's there if you want it. Download it now and when the better quality rip comes out, delete the "crappy 101 rip" and download the new one. I can't tell the difference between a high MP3 and Flac. And I am thankful that there are "heros" out there who post stuff for all to share. (BTW, I haven't listened to it yet.)
  13. I have The Witch Queen (Tarantura). Its 6 cds and has both the audience (with soundboard filler) and soundboard (with audience filler). The audience is much better. I'm not sure if this is the definitive version (I'd like to check out winston's audience version), but it is an overall good listen and one of the '73 concerts I keep going back to.
  14. Bonzo's Birthday Matrix (5/31/73 - Slumpymatrix) BTW, what is the best version of this show?
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