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  1. I am not familiar with that one. Are you sure that date is correct?
  2. hf21

    Offenburg 3/24/73

    What is the best version of this AMAZING show? I have "A Little Bit Warm" (Eddie Edwards Remaster). Is Eddie's version the best or does it get even better? Are any of these better? Custard Pie (Cobla) Sharing The Custard Pie (Fan Release?) Not Warm, It's Hot (TDOLZ)
  3. hf21

    Top 5 Live For A Newcomer

    oops. Sorry, I got a little confused. The BBC sessions I was referring to was the Empress Valley Complete BBC, and not the "Official" BBC Sessions. The official BBC only has 2 sides and is missing parts of the 4/1/71 show. I guess I do have 2 "unofficial" versions of that show.
  4. hf21

    Top 5 Live For A Newcomer

    I think 4/1/71 is a great one for a newcomer. For some reason, it rarely gets mentioned here. Either sides 3 and 4 of the BBC sessions (for official release) or for a boot, try "London Calling". There may be better bootlegs of that show, but I only have "London Calling". I had a recording of this show that I taped off the radio (WMMR in Philly) back in the 80s. I wore that tape out. I must have listened to that show more often than TSRTS back then. Sides 1&2 of BBC might be good for a newbie too, but I don't think that fits your original request.
  5. I didn't know there was a Winston Remaster of the Mobile show. I'll have to look that one up. Winston's shows are usually the best. I have the dadgad version. It's very good too.
  6. hf21

    Compare The Two

    Me too, if that is permissable here. Thanks!
  7. hf21

    Best Led Zeppelin concert recording

    What is the best version of Blueberry Hill? I like Winston's "The Great Love Affair" and the Cobla Standard "Live on Blueberry Hill". Does anything beat those 2 titles? What are the best sounding shows from Aug-Sept 1970?
  8. hf21

    European Tour 1973

    Vienna 3/16/73 is my "go-to bootleg". I think I listened to that more times than TSRTS.
  9. hf21

    Jimmy Page on Hendrix

    I don't think so. It doesn't have a '74 Led Zeppelin sound to it. Maybe a very early outtake or possibly Robert Plant pre-Zeppelin. It doesn't sound like Page.
  10. Royal Albert Hall - The Initial Tapes (Godfather)
  11. hf21

    [TBL] Celebration Day Bonus DVD Review.

    I got the 2CD 1Blu-Ray for Christmas. I was going to exchange it for the 2CD 1Blu-Ray 1DVD but I can't find it in stores. Should I wait for the stores to restock or was the 2CD 1Blu-Ray 1DVD a limited offer thing? I have my unopened copy in my hand and it's killing me not opening it.
  12. Wow! WTF? It's there if you want it. Download it now and when the better quality rip comes out, delete the "crappy 101 rip" and download the new one. I can't tell the difference between a high MP3 and Flac. And I am thankful that there are "heros" out there who post stuff for all to share. (BTW, I haven't listened to it yet.)
  13. It's out there already! Guitars! One Oh One!
  14. hf21

    Sorry if this has already been posted

    I have The Witch Queen (Tarantura). Its 6 cds and has both the audience (with soundboard filler) and soundboard (with audience filler). The audience is much better. I'm not sure if this is the definitive version (I'd like to check out winston's audience version), but it is an overall good listen and one of the '73 concerts I keep going back to.
  15. hf21

    New Orleans - 5/14/73

    I've been listening to The Witch Queen (New Orleans 5/14/73). If you are not familiar with this boot, it is 6CDs with the first 3 being an audience recording with soundboard patches. The other 3 are soundboard with audience patches. I usually go for the soundboards but the audience portion of this show just blows the soundboard out of the water. On some songs it's not even close. I know there are some stellar audience recordings out there (esp Millard's work), but I usually prefer the soundboards. I am just blown away at how good this audience tape sounds. Are there any other shows that have much better audience sound than soundboard? I have all 6 cds on shuffle right now and I can tell instantly which is which. The audience is near perfect and the soundboard is a little flat. I've read some negative comments on here about audience recordings - and I've agreed with some of them - but this show is really making me want to seek out some other audience boots. What are some of the best audience boots?
  16. Bonzo's Birthday Matrix (5/31/73 - Slumpymatrix) BTW, what is the best version of this show?
  17. hf21

    Dazed and Confused 73or 75

    73 for me too! Vienna (3/16/73) blows me away every time.
  18. And is it readily available?
  19. hf21

    No newly circulated live shows in 2011

    I'm obviously joking. I'm still curious as to what mrledhed was talking about.
  20. hf21

    No newly circulated live shows in 2011

    I don't know what mrledhed is talking about. My copy is in color.
  21. In some cases, you can't guess which songs will catch the ear of a new listener. My kids didn't care for LZ or any of "Daddy's music", but once they heard The Song Remains The Same, they loved it. They still ask for that "God Zeppelin song". (My one son insists it's "God Zeppelin" and not "Led". LOL!) The first time they heard TSRTS, they were sitting in their car seats banging their little heads along with the opening riff. I was so proud that day!
  22. Good topic. I think the answer really depends on your target audience. If you are picking songs for someone who likes top 40 or light music, maybe you want to go with: All of my Love The Rain Song Thank You Stairway Fool In The Rain Tea For One etc...just to ease them into it If you are trying to hook a younger person who's into heavy music, you might want to with: Heartbreaker Whole Lotta Love D&C The Rover Immigrant Song My wife, for example, doesn't understand my Zeppelin obsession. I want to make a CD for her, but I'm not going to put a live Dazed and Confused on there. I'm going to stear clear of No Quarter (don't want ot scare her off). I'm unsure of Stairway because I'm sure she's heard it thousand times before. She likes more vocally driven songs and will not want to listen to extended jams or long songs. If I had to pick just 5 for her: Heartbreaker (maybe with LLM attached?) Thank You All Of My Love Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Whole Lotta Love Or Immigrant Song But I'd probably just make her a CD and let her jump from track to track. I am the same age as you. My parents introduced ME to Led Zeppelin back in the 70s. I remember being intrigued by the Zeppelin III cover with all the pictures and the wheel.
  23. hf21

    What is the best DAC version`?

    To better answer your questions: I don't think the TSRTS version is underrated. It's a masterpiece! But I, like a lot of Zeppelin fans, prefer a complete un-edited "warts and all" version of a show as to the spliced together versions such as TSRTS and HTWWW. The officially released "live" sets are not really from the same nights. TSRTS is from 3 different nights. The TSRTS version gets a lot of play at YouTube because most of the fans there are casual fans and not the type of people that you would find on a Led Zeppelin forum - they really wouldn't know what else to look for. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Some people aren't hard-core Zeppelin nuts. My dad, for instance, saw Zeppelin 2 or 3 times (he can't remember!). He has all the officially released stuff, and knows the material inside and out. But he has little to no interest in boots. I even found him a copy of one of the shows he attended. My brother is the same way. I gave him about 5 or 6 shows and he rarely listens to them. But TSRTS, HTWWW and BBC Sessions are always in his car's CD player. He can't understand how I can listen to (and tell the difference between) any random version of D&C. I might say something like "Jimmy plays this part a little different" or "they played 'Woodstock' instead of 'San Francisco' in the middle". He thinks I'm nuts. I might be in the mood for a nice '71 show or a '75. It's like picking a fine wine to me. Maybe I am nuts! LOL! Oh, and you can find almost any show online. Just use google.
  24. hf21

    What is the best DAC version`?

    3/16/73 (Vienna)
  25. hf21

    Bottle Up And Go

    The line "Me and my baby bought a V8 Ford" is originally from Robert Johnson's "They're Red Hot". I'm sure it was used and re-used in many songs after that.