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  1. Its not your problem Dave. All due respect, please leave it alone. Its not your problem.
  2. Wrong Matt. I intend to read it all. But hell. Its loooooooooong. Get it. And the sources that led me to this are credible. Very. You have no doubt a 10 yr old boy was able to accomplish all of this and remember it all in detail. Not to mention I am sure he is a perfect little angel and drug and alchohol free. I think I have walked into a Manson family meeting here. Damn, you are another disciple.
  3. My point exactly. Dr Suess tells good stories too. I love reading stories. But at the end of the day, that is what they are. Stories. You are saying a 10 yr old boy can give that kind of an account accurately and be so into it and not save a stub and travel without any complaint from a parent long distances in big cities to see such large events in huge venues? come on. Wake up. I will read more of it later. But those that have pointed out the obvious problems with the stories make perfect sense. I did not initiate this it was brought to my attention. I do not like people that lie. That is all I will say. This does not concern you either.
  4. Make your posts a bit shorter and I may take the time to read them in their entirety. Too long winded. Someone, I will not say who, gave me details suggesting it impossible to believe your story. A ten year old boy being able to travel from San Fran to LA and with the drugs and liquor blended in, you must admit it is a bit much to take word for word. He gave me details that were enough to raise suspiciion. As for the talk radio, I do not know what you are referring to? Do you live in NY state? You have followers on here that are blind like the Manson family. You should go hook up with your girlfriend Electro. By the way, nice pic there of Liz in the Lost cat thread. Who posted it? I dont know that guy but would like to give him a cigar. It fits pretty good that pig nose. Hey, Charlie. How did you do it? Travel 800 miles as a 10 yr old boy and remember all of that? Ha. Did you build a fucking time machine? And while you were at it you bought some Zeppelin tickests? Nice try Charlie. Where are the stubs? Show me the money honey.
  5. Oh, I forgot to add, I saw LZ 25 times when I was 9 yrs old. All over the world. And then I came back home and had my way with Raquel Welch and Liz Taylor
  6. How much is that kitty in the window. The one with the curly tail. Trollmeister
  7. Some info passed to me by other skeptics is just too big to ignore in this case. And its ok for someone to lie about who they saw and all? Not to me it isnt. I was married to a compulsive lier. There are people out there that actually believe their own lies. You can have the lying type of people. I do not care for it. And I think its ridiculous and a way to get attention. Its all Humbug I tell you!!!!!!
  8. Liz. You had better know all the facts on this one. I am not saying the lack of stubs is proof. But being 10 yrs old, and having so much recollection and the travel involved and all. Well, I am more than skeptical. I am a non believer.
  9. At times this forum is one big fight. There are some that are at it as business as usual. I have tried to back down. But if I think someone is telling me a tale, I am going to say somethiing. so my usual "enemies", for lack of a better term, are not involved this time.
  10. Sorry to say, I am with you. A ten year old is able to go 8 hour drive from city to city >? I am very very skectical. and its not so easy to remember so much detail 40 years later. And if one was drinking and smoking that makes it even more difficult. Let him type whatever he wants. If someone is that enttranced they would have at least one stub. I say he is probably telling the truth for much but some is exaggerated. Come on. Are you kidding me? 10 yrs old!!!!!! No way am I buying this . I do not see him knocking walls down here to defend himself either. If I am wrong, I will apoogize. Doubt it though. Doubt it very much or I would never make the accusation. It was not based on a whim. I had infromation given to me from others I will not name that makes it more likely that Peter Pan is on my rooftop right now.
  11. I taught I taw a putty cat. Except she had a pig nose? Strange indeed. Have you seen my kitty cat Brad or Nick or Joel? This has nothing to do with you lost cat by the way, I hope you find him well. Keep us posted.
  12. Well if he was there its quite a memory for an 11 year old. If someone goes to see Led zeppelin 14 times!!!! Would you think they would save a ticket stub? Is there one? Show me? 14 times? Yeah. Ok
  13. Welcome, I like your username. The untimely death of Robert's son cost us the Buffalo NY show as well and it was days before the event. Lines of disappointed fans who would never see them taking their tickests back for refunds . Back then it was Rich Stadium and it will always be Rich stadium to me. Summerfest used to be there where many big acts would play. I was fortunate to have gone out of my way to buy tickets for the Landover MD show on Monday May 30th 1977. Pure luck. I had never been to DC or MD. A guy looking for Elviis ticksts, as he was in Rochester around the same time, had a couple extras to scalp. He had tickets to Madison squre garden too but would not sell any of those. So I said I will take anything I can get. Had I known Buffalo was to be scheduled I may never have seen them. The Buffalo show was added. Back in the seventies I had to do a paper for extra credit in Psychology. It was on infantile autism. Not a very well known subject in those days.
  14. Very well put. Just like in the movie the Edge. When Hopkins says " I never did see anyone ever change their life". He goes on to say he will change his if he makes it out alive. I never really thought about it before. It really is NOT EASY to change one's life.
  15. First of all, thanks to you and Margie and all that took the time to look. I will be getting more pics. I may pm you some. have a blast on your trip. Slave to Zepp, Walter and Summermoon thanks much for the compliments. I do think they are a very great looking couuple. Of course, its my daughter. My oldest. I may post the one of my two daughters together in the limo on the way to the church. A priceless memory
  16. Ha. Good one!! ps I love the Beach Boys
  17. Ok. Baltimore fan? Its the Caps in hockey. So why not the Redskins? How about baseball? Wash or the Orioles? I know its tough admitting to being an Orioles fan. Bag over head.
  18. Being realistic with the Sabres who made the moves to get it done. I realize the Bills are not close. No kidding. But the Sabres are.
  19. Ok Strider. So you are telling us you saw them 14 times? And the first two you were 10 years old and already hooked? Hmmm. How many ticket stubs do you have there fella? Just curious.
  20. silvermedalist


    I was at Epcot many years ago. Think I paid ten bucks for a draft. Bullshit. Rip offf city. I dont mind paying high prices in a tourist trap but being financially raped is another thing. They can take Epcot. I would rather go to the real place for those prices. I think I ate in Mexico. I was their with the ex strife. Maybe that is another reason the memories of it are not so good. I preferred Universal Studios to Disney anyway.
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