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Zep and the Damned

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Does anyone have any input as to the relationship between Zep and the Damned? I read that Plant and Bonzo used to go check them out when the Damned were first starting out. I find that to be a very ballsy move,considering that punks HATED Zep.

I read a Pete Townshend interview in Trouser Press and he said that he saw Bonzo try to get on Rat Scabies' drum kit and Rat had a go at him. But if anyone knows of Pete Townshend,he has a tendency to stretch the truth! There was also the rumor that Page was to produce the Damned's Black Album. I know that Page was a fan of them. I met Rat in '86 and I asked him about Page producing the Black album,and he said that the band wasn't interested in him,partly because of his alleged involvement in black magic! Go figure!

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