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  1. After 30 years sill my favorite Plant album.Not only on the merits of the album itself,but also what was to come.
  2. 54 in a few months, saw em both nights 4-19 &4-20 1977 in Cincy.
  3. http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=8670069&style=music
  4. I found the food court without any help.I had breakfast on a stick.
  5. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/bonnie-raitt-readies-first-album-in-seven-years-20120103
  6. Hats off Strider! Best post I have ever read in my 8 years here.
  7. Happy Birthday Liz, hope you had a great day. Don't ever lose that strong opinion!

  8. Happy Birthday doc!

  9. Good for you! C.mon fathers day!
  10. I always liked "News Of The World" but not because of the obvious hits and biggest anthems -- the stomping, stadium-filling chant "We Will Rock You" and its triumphant companion, "We Are the Champions" -- they are great. It's the rest of the album that does it for me. It's hard to define but it's just got a little bit of everything on it that makes it so interesting to me. It came out late 77 and I would say that in 78 I was listening to this album as much or more than anything else. critics will disagree but it's the album that I think is best and it gives me that "queen fix" when I need it. "Sleeping on the sidewalk........"
  11. News report: Zeppelin fans cause 2nd Cincy riot For the second time in three days police had to battle fans of the British rock group "Led Zeppelin," but police doubled their manpower and kept trouble at a minimum here yesterday. An 18-year-old Dayton fan plunged 20 feet to a concrete ramp while trying to scale a wall, police said. Stanley Blair was reported in fair condition at Cincinnati hospital. Asst City Manager Henry Sandman told the Cincinnati City Council that 80 police officers, paid for by the Cincinnati Coliseum, will be used hereafter to prevent outbreaks of trouble. (The Telegram, April 21, 1977)-ledzeppelin.com
  12. 1977-Levee is up and already calling his friends,getting them going so we can get to Riverfront and stand in line all day. Does the same on the next day!
  13. I know any album after Automatic for the People might get some bad press, but I really like Monster.
  14. This moment and for the past few days........The Yardbirds
  15. Thanks that was very nice! I'm having a good day,my sister came and picked me up and took me to lunch.

    Now I'm on my way to my support group for people who were born to close to christmas. Ha!

  16. I'm not laughing at you..... really......I just thought I heard the dog sneeze.......... Remember you get to see Joe Bonamassa in Feb, and i don't.
  17. Whole Lotta Love: Minor League team to wear Led Zeppelin jerseys Thursday Wed Jun 16,2010 4:00 PM ET By Rick Chandler To me, outfitting your minor league baseball team with jerseys that depict a crashing zeppelin doesn't exactly send an inspiring message. But it's only for one night, and hey, it's Led Zeppelin. It's never a bad night to honor Robert Plant, John Bonham and the boys, as the West Michigan Whitecaps will prove on Thursday with Led Zeppelin Night. The Whitecaps, of the Class-A Midwest League, will wear the jersey depicted above when they take on the Lake County Captains at 7 p.m. Post-Game concert by Led Zeppelin ... cover band, Oracle. Hey, I hear they're good. Also, actual Led Zeppelin songs to be played all night on the loudspeakers. If you don't end up dazed and confused, you weren't there. Anyway, it should draw a different sort of crowd than Star Wars Night.
  18. Led Zeppelin Allman Brothers Band Beatles The Rolling Stones The Who
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