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youchoose.net/led zep world tour petition


If you think that it is not fair that only people in the UK had a chance to see Led Zeppelin please sign this petition. I think Led Zep needs to go on a world tour. There are younger and even older fans that never got to see the great Led Zeppelin in concert. We want to be part of history. We want one of the greatest rock bands to tour.

We are in contact with the bands promoter. They are excited over the interest here!!!

i don't know what i think of this, but there it is.

youchoose.net seems to have it's heart in it's hand....

some of the comments posted by signees are interesting.

i think i will sign the "bring back dog the bounty hunter" petition while i am there...

my apologies is this is posted elsewhere...i looked!


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Petitions are a waste of time. It's not like they don't realise there is a massive demand from their devoted fans.

Very true. I signed it but don't quite believe that the person who started this petition is in contact with Zeppelin's promoters. Anyone can say that.

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