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  1. Hey gang. Just here for one of my increasingly infrequent stops to check out what's new in the world of Zep. I'm keeping busy, and my long absences will be well worth it eventually, I promise. I've got some excellent projects in the pipeline, including not 1 but 2 Zeppelin related ones! They are moving along at snail's pace, which is typical of the industry, but hopefully we will get there some time soon! Speaking of which, does anybody have any personal recollections of the Zeppelin tour down under in 1972? Looking forward to the CCE show at the Enmore - they are moving on to bigger and better venues it seems, should be great. Although I love the intimacy of the Basement gigs too.
  2. Yeah Jack is great - I have both Raconteurs/Saboteurs albums and love what he's doing since White Stripes.
  3. Yeah the movie last night was fantastic. Jimmy is so awesome! What surprised me though was how funny he is too. Hi-5 was excellent, finished a few weeks ago. Making the most of unemployment now lol.
  4. Hey gang. I have returned! Couldn't make it on Wednesday, but I'm going to see It Might Get Loud tomorrow night. Looking forward. Thanks to slave for letting me know it was on. Hopefully I will be around here more often in the near future. Cheers
  5. Hey gang, Hope everything is well with you all. I've been very busy working on my latest show (hi5) show it to the grandkids. Hope there is a gig I can meet u all soon. Cheers
  6. I am hoping to pick myself up a couple of tix in the next week or so. Sorry I havn't been around much, been busy, and starting a new job next week on a show for channel 9. Hope you are all doing OK.
  7. He's just a shit-stirrer, he is like that about almost everywhere he travels and all nationalities.
  8. Ross Halfin is in Sydney. Be on the lookout....
  9. That's a little suspicious - a dentist co-owning a restaurant that sells food that damages people's teeth.....
  10. I have Storm's book, he is an amazing visual artist but also a good writer.
  11. Generally speaking, from 1972 onwards, Zeppelin never had a support act.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, this was originally posted on another board by PhotonBeam, who was the laser operator on the 1977 tour?
  13. Yes, it's not a cheap venue at all - no tap beer etc
  14. Naa, got tix a few weeks ago but wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it.
  15. Good news guys, I will be able to make it tomorrow nite. Looking forward to meeting you all there.
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