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  1. Hey gang. Just here for one of my increasingly infrequent stops to check out what's new in the world of Zep. I'm keeping busy, and my long absences will be well worth it eventually, I promise. I've got some excellent projects in the pipeline, including not 1 but 2 Zeppelin related ones! They are moving along at snail's pace, which is typical of the industry, but hopefully we will get there some time soon! Speaking of which, does anybody have any personal recollections of the Zeppelin tour down under in 1972? Looking forward to the CCE show at the Enmore - they are moving on to bigger and better venues it seems, should be great. Although I love the intimacy of the Basement gigs too.
  2. I have tried to remain skeptical, and have done a lot of research on this topic. The problem is wading through all of the conspiracy theory nuts out there to find genuine research and evidence which is subjected to the scientific method. I have seen a handful of objects which I was unable to identify. My first stop has always been Heavens-Above, which is a satellite tracker, and in a few instances this has rule out my sightings as a UFO. This leaves 2 events which I can't explain. I know they were very unusual. The other MAJOR issue with the UFO community is the instant leap between Unidentified Flying Objects and Aliens. Cellphone pictures and video are still too low quality to catch anything convincing.
  3. That sounds like the more likely possibility, although if he were regularly breaking strings I don't see why he wouldn't ask his tech to change them more often. It's not like strings are expensive, and I think Jimmy could afford them anyway.
  4. Kevin Shirley talked about mixing HTWWW, and how surprised he was when listening to JP guitar tracks isolated, how much range there is in his picking technique. He is almost obsessive about his volume and tone controls, and in conjunction with his picking technique, is able to get an astonishing range of tone out of the instrument. Jimmy used Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings, to enable him to bend notes more easily. The tradeoff with a smaller gauge string is a) thinner tone and less durable. Not sure about why the double-neck would be more prone to string breakage- are you referring to the 6 or 12 sting necks, or both? I would hazard a guess that the 12 string may be prone to breakage as the sympathetic strings are much thinner than normal guitar strings. Or another theory, maybe the 12 string was used more than other guitars, therefore more prone to breakage?
  5. It's a great film. You will all love it whenever it gets out.
  6. Cactus


    I know EXACTLY what you mean. It's terrifying until you realise it's just a dream. I guess it's your subconscious trying to convince itself that you've made the right choice to quit?
  7. Cactus


    Tell me about it. More like a nightmare, you wake up sweaty and tense. It's all part of the process.
  8. Cactus


    If she's vomiting blood and losing weight, she needs it be in hospital NOW. She may have only a matter of hours or days to live. She needs immediate medical attention, followed by a supervised detox and a lengthy inpatient rehab stay. Otherwise she will die. Addiction is a long, hard road, and it affects those around the addict as much as the addict themselves. It's such a multi-layered issue, you have to deal with the addict's immediate issues, withdrawl, then move on to breaking bad habits, getting into the deeper issues around the person's need to use alcohol, which could take them back to childhood trauma, or any number of issues. Then they need to slowly move back into society safely, and prevent relapse. The point is, it's a massive problem, and you cannot handle it on your own. Get professional help.
  9. I would say his 'signature' would be more to do with the unusual rhythms he uses, than a specific chord.
  10. Cactus

    What no bids yet?!

    There was a rumour that Page actually used his Orange amp exclusively during the 2007 02 show, not the Marshalls.
  11. Yeah Jack is great - I have both Raconteurs/Saboteurs albums and love what he's doing since White Stripes.
  12. Yeah the movie last night was fantastic. Jimmy is so awesome! What surprised me though was how funny he is too. Hi-5 was excellent, finished a few weeks ago. Making the most of unemployment now lol.
  13. Hey gang. I have returned! Couldn't make it on Wednesday, but I'm going to see It Might Get Loud tomorrow night. Looking forward. Thanks to slave for letting me know it was on. Hopefully I will be around here more often in the near future. Cheers
  14. Hey gang, Hope everything is well with you all. I've been very busy working on my latest show (hi5) show it to the grandkids. Hope there is a gig I can meet u all soon. Cheers
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