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Sydney 1972


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February 27 1972 2.00pm

It was a balmy summer's Sunday afternoon, rain clouds had threatened all morning but thankfully never eventuated.

My good mate Muzza and I jumped on the train and headed into the city.

We arrived at Central Station and walked the couple of miles to The Sydney Showground, more accustomed to holding Rodeos and such rather than rock concerts.

Thousands of people had gathered estimated at somewhere between 26 and 38 thousand.

They threw the gates open about 15 minutes before it started.

The stage was set back about 50 yards from the boundary fence, the stands were full except for a handful of VIP's sitting on the grassed area.

Several fans tried to join them but were tackled by the cops and escorted back to the stands.

The band ripped into the Immigrant Song and pandemonium broke out when we charged on to the field andhe cops didn't know what had hit them nd gave up the chase.

As fast as it started it ended with everybody just stopped and sat down all at once for a few seconds then started going off.

We were about 10 yards from them centre stage

After a couple of songs Robert said "Hello Sydney, I hope it doesn't rain and we have to stop, if we'll all blow up!" and the throng erupted.

One of the many highlights was when they played Bron-yr-aur Stomp he whole crowd clapped along with the chorus in perfect time, a real "you had to be there moment".

I left there with a feeling that I was part of something special that day and it only seems like yesterday, even though it will be 36 years ago at the end of the month

that The Mighty Led Zeppelin landed in Oz.

Set List

1. Immigrant Song

2. Heartbreaker

3. Black Dog

4. Celebration Day

5. Since I've Been Loving You

6. Stairway to Heaven

7. Going to California

8. That's the Way

9. Tangerine

10. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

11. Dazed and Confused

12. What Is and What Should Never Be

13. Moby Dick

14. Rock and Roll

15. Whole Lotta Love(inc. Boogie Chillun - Hello Mary Lou - The Rover - Let's Have A Party - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Going Down Slow - The Shape I'm In)

16. Communication Breakdown

17. Organ Solo/Thank You

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