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Jason is on the radio this morning!


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You can listen live here: Big 106

Jason lives in Boca now, so is in this South Florida radio station for a chat. He's talking about the reunion, his relationship with his dad's old bandmates, etc. Very entertaining and sweet guy.

He said they all went to dinner after the first rehearsal at an Indian restaurant, which was so crowded they had to be seated with another family :) Jason finally got the chance to ask the guys about some of the ... ahem, legendary escapades they were rumoured to have had. He asked about the incident where his dad supposedly chopped up his hotel room with a samurai sword. Jonesy admitted it was actually he who did the deed: Bonham was passed out cold with the sword in his hand. So Jonesy did a number on the room, then placed the sword back in Bonham's hand.

UPDATE: Oooh! He's playing drums live in the studio now, doing the drums for a whole bunch of Zep songs...

:hysterical: Nice Jonesy story! He's silent but deadly! :lol:

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True. I do remember seeing some bootleg footage of Jonesy in the Starship fooling around with some groupies (I think) while Robert was just sitting there reading a book.

Still, it's sorta strange to think of him like that.... :P

Yeah! I know that too! That was when Robert was reading a ‘red book’ and he looks irritated at Jonesy and friends :lol: They were playing catch with their food :D I saw that in YouTube :rolleyes:

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