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  1. She is gorgeous! I have a blacky too...this is Mitzy
  2. MHD


    I'm going to give some British comedians a shout Peter Kay, Dave Spikey, Frank Skinner, Ricky Gervais, Michael McKintyre and Bill Bailey are just some of the fantastically funny guys that always make me laugh
  3. Get #1 sorted and 2&3 will naturally follow Good luck!
  4. From curly to straight... ....and back again! I swing both ways don't ya know
  5. It's been sold for re-development. Article about the sale of The New Inn
  6. Gorgeous, brspled. And I love the shirt you're wearing!
  7. Love the photos Al and photographic evidence of a ledded1 SMILE!! haha! I can see why you're proud of that one ledded
  8. I'd like to add my good wishes to everyone Stateside. Have a great holiday and I hope you enjoy your celebrations
  9. English & Irish. As far as I know, no Italian or Spanish
  10. Ross Halfin's photo of Jason at the Quart Festival, Norway
  11. Always great to see you dear Ev lilith, you are lookin' gorgeous..and I love the tee (and I love your sig pic, it's one of my faves of Jason from the O2 ) Here's me catching some rays in the gorgeous June sunshine we are having in the UK at the mo.
  12. More than likely ldw, I think it's only us Brits that use the term fanny in reference to...err..you know what!
  13. Great pics, Al Nice shot of you Inga
  14. Roxie - beautiful as always, you have such stunning peepers
  15. Having a catch up here! Everyone looks gorgeous, and some lovely summery pics (Aqua, brspled..)
  16. Somewhere very close to my heart is the Yorkshire Dales (If any of you have seen the movie Calendar Girls, that was filmed there) Beautiful area, beautiful landscape. The falls at Ingleton
  17. Nine is the nicest "phony" I know
  18. You got me on that one. Never heard of English muffin pizzas. English muffins are delish though...toasted with honey
  19. Ewww, I hate anchovies on pizza Make mine a Domino's Special! I bought a gorgeous necklace today, that made me happy
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