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  1. I too am a cat owner. When we decided to get a cat, we went to the Cats Protection League who stated they do not allow anyone to take a kitten if they are to be left alone for longer than 2 hours at a time. A kitten needs company and stimulation, to be left for 9 hours is a long time. Maybe a young cat, say a year or two old, who has been used to being in a household would be more suitable? If you do decide to get a cat Atlas, please consider going to your local animal shelter/cat rehoming centre. They are many, many abandoned cats that need loving homes. They take their time to help you choose the right cat for you. We chose our lovely Mitzy, a one year old black cat. She has settled in super and we love her very much
  2. Moi .... although what this has to do with Zep, I'm not sure
  3. She is gorgeous! I have a blacky too...this is Mitzy
  4. MHD


    I'm going to give some British comedians a shout Peter Kay, Dave Spikey, Frank Skinner, Ricky Gervais, Michael McKintyre and Bill Bailey are just some of the fantastically funny guys that always make me laugh
  5. Three items have been put up for auction by Fieldings Auctioners, Stourbridge, West Midlands. A silver disc commemorating £1,000,000 sales of PG, signed by RP, JP, JPJ & JB. A signed copy of TSRTS, again by all 4 and a copy of ITTOD signed by John. The descriptions say that these items were all gifted to the vendor by John, who was a personal friend. For anyone interested, here is the link to the catalogue... the LZ items are on page 55. Good luck to anyone who decides to bid http://www.fieldingsauctioneers.co.uk/assets/sales/99/docs/99.pdf
  6. Scotland is a beautiful, beautiful place. I have been many times. If you have the time, take in the delights of the West coast and isles such as Mull and Skye. Here is a link to a site that has good info on the filming locations of Monarch of The Glen. Have a great holiday! Monarch Of the Glen locations
  7. And he did a very respectable Thank You prior to CLTCL
  8. Yes Li... and here is the very show, and the performance of OOTD
  9. Hard to pick a definitive song, but my favourite live song is One Of These Days. It was mindblowing when they did at Earl's Court when I saw them
  10. ..although I bet it won't be the UK
  11. Apparently, Robert loves this.. he was highly amused.
  12. Wow,impressive! Who is that..............and is he single???
  13. That actually brought a lump to my throat. Wonderful, thanks for posting.
  14. Jason talks a little bit about Black Country at NAMM 2010...
  15. At least he tells delusional no hopers straight...that they're rubbish. Anyway, you're not getting rid of him that easily, he's quitting Idol to concentrate on the American version of The X-Factor.
  16. Marjorie Daw... as in the children's rhyme See Saw Marjorie Daw See saw Margerie Daw Johnny shall have a new master He shall earn but a penny a day Because he can't work any faster When it's repeated, Robert improvises and says "knock at my door"
  17. Both Jason and Glenn are good singers, I do hope we get to hear their vocal talents on this project
  18. Sadly, this only lasts about a minute... Jason played along with John (featured on a large screen behind Jason). If anyone knows of a link to a full version of this, please share
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