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The Edward Hotel

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B) Hi everyone....

I can't believe the concert is less than 2 weeks away!!! Has anyone ever stayed at the Edward Hotel near Paddington Station? We found a room there for a reasonable price but just wanted some extra feedback.....


I've not stayed there personally but I find that Tripadvisor.com is a pretty good source for opinions on hotels around the world. Here is the link to travelers' reviews of the Edward Hotel:


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Paddington is not the best of areas, and is the other side of town. Why not book something that is actually near the venue? There are plenty of decent places to stay in Greenwich.

Staying near Paddington also. What is the problem with that area? Staying there primarily because of the Express from Heathrow and the ability to get access to many tube lines.

thanks in advance for your advice.


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No problem with Paddington; the area around The Edward should be fine.

Also close to Hyde Park, which is worth a wander.

If you're really worried, I'll take a stroll down there..I live in Queensway!

Er..the hotel might not be the best!

"A Warning Should Come With This Hotel"


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