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Natacha Atlas

Peep Solero

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She's a "cha'abi moderne" singer that I was well into before I ever heard Robert Plant liked her as well, she worked with Cheb Khaled (whom RP also listens to as well as I do).." I guess the song that introduced me to her was "Light of Life (Ibelin Reprise)" from the Kingdom of Heaven OST (sucky movie- great soundtrack!).

Kinda cool that I and RP have some of the same CD's in out system by pure coincidence.

Plus she's quite close to home (10% jew, raised in Jerusalem).

check her out, here's a few of my favs---->

When I close my eyes

Light of Life

Leysh Natarak

I Adore the last one, but maybe it's harder for a western ear....to get into.

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