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OMG! I Found The Confounded Bridge!


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What a surprize to see this website and find it so action packed! Glad to be here and meet other fans. I've loved Led Zeppelin since I was 12 years old. Times change, but my love for their music sure hasn't. Seems I'm not alone in that department, lol. This forum will make a nice break from my 'day' job (taking on the Sons of Abraham).

Looking forward to meeting and greeting as many fans as I can!

The Ninth Scribe


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What's the bridge like!? :lol:

I'll be the first (or maybe only) to admit that I don't know what the Sons of Abraham are. I cannot be embarassed, so fire away, woman. :P

Hi all,

To me, this forum is the "bridge" in that we're now all connected - ain't that sweet?

The Sons of Abraham are the Middle Eastern Jews, Christians and Muslims. They're having family issues... again... and I landed myself smack in the middle of it all, so any break I can get from 'scholarly disputes' is a good one!

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