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  1. Suz


    Dzldoc, I got a kick out of your posts when I was in here awhile back. Sure hope you are doing okay.
  2. Suz

    Pet Peeves

    Pet peeve: people who forget how to drive every time it snows
  3. Suz

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    It looks like Bonham's wearing an apron in this one. Just thought that was funny. Nevermind
  4. Two of my faves have already been mentioned: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and Catcher In The Rye. I also loved The Mists of Avalon, though I read that many years ago. I still have it, so maybe it's time to read it again. Let's see....I love Christopher Hitchen's God Is Not Great, but that's the only one of his I've read. I've read a bunch of his articles, though, and really really like his writing. I can't believe how many of the classics I still haven't read. You guys put me to shame. Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees was a really good read, too. That's about all I can think of at the mom
  5. Amen to that shit BTW, Tom Cruise is soooo creepy now.
  6. Cereal and string cheese.
  7. Spats, do you have any mantyhose? I just heard that word today and after I laughed myself silly, I thought of you
  8. I put crackers in my sandwiches and fries in my burgers. I like cream cheese and jam sandwiches. I just asked my offspring, "What weird things do I eat?" and she said, "Everything." I put sour cream on pizza. Tonight I had a cheeseburger with Raisinettes. I like to mix the food together on my plate. I'll even mix a dessert thing with meat and eat it. Yuck. I've never even thought about this before.
  9. It's very icy and the roads are bad. I hate winter. I love everything else about Minnesota, though.
  10. TV- I love Dot on "Eastenders" and Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory." I have to agree with Spats re: Heath Ledger's Joker- really really weird and gets under your skin. I forgot-- that new show "Fringe" is awesome, and the old scientist character the FBI sprang from the loony bin to help with their bizarre cases is really a great actor, IMO.
  11. I'm 38 and white, and I could no more say that all hip hop is crap then I could say all rock and roll is crap. It all comes from the same place, and the older I get the more sick I get of people taking entire genres of music and trashing them. I personally would love to see the mashup of Whole Lotta Love and Drop it Like it's Hot released as a single. That is the coolest thing I've heard in a long time. Zeppelin were one of the white English bands that brought the blues back home to America in a time when we were still so segregated that a lot of whites didn't have much exposure to the roots
  12. Obama never got down in the dirt with the sleazy fuckheads who have been trying (unsuccessfully ) to divide and scare us. He ran on hope and won on hope. We are fortunate to be here now, to see this moment in American history. I've never in my lifetime seen anyone more destined for something than he was to be president. He represents the best in all of us, and the world needed him as much as we did. There is a little village in Kenya, and a little village in Ireland that are celebrating with us, because he has relations in both of them. Perhaps there are people here who are afraid that th
  13. Dear Dubya, You lowered the bar to new depths and half the frickin country fell for it. I am happy to finally join the 21st century as the door doesn't hit your ass on the way out. Good riddance, fuckhead, and take your cynical, sleazy, pandering dildos of an administration with you. Damn that felt good.
  14. Oh happy day Times a million. I'm still too moved to put it into words.
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