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US Tour Jan/Feb 69


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Hey guys

Was just going through the Timeline section and noticed how brutal the tour schedule was back in the early days. I especially noticed the US tour from Jan 2-Feb 15, 1969, where they crisscrossed the country and did almost 30 shows. I'm sure they weren't the 3 hour shows of which made them legends, but still they must had some kind of stamina (even as young as they were) to keep up with that.

My question is, does anyone know how they traveled then?

By bus, or did they fly to gigs.

Also, did anyone happen to catch those shows at the Grande Ballroom in detroit?

I was too young at the time.

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They toured from about December of 1968 till August of 1969 with really only really one 2 week stop. From 1968-1970 or 71 you could pretty much call it a long tour for most bands.

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