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Plant/Krauss Bergen

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just back from the bergen show and i thought i'd share a few of my observations...

...initially i was concerned the concert might be cancelled because the bergen airport was closed, but was relieved to find they made the 8 hour bus ride from oslo.

... get to bergenshallen to find it is a 4000 seat ice hockey rink!!! very bizzare venue...typical norwegian though...drink booth set up outside in the parking lot and freakin cold inside!!!! ha!


...security was lax, i walked in through the security entrance(unknowingly) about an hour before the doors opened and no one seemed to care...


...i havent heard allison sing before, but since plant was performing with her i was expecting something extraordinary and found it was just "ok". her voice did not seem to have any expression to it...just an on/off switch. i was really looking forward to BOE and found her version sadly lacking. :( when she sang trampled rose it was so repetitive and identical in every phrase i'd swear it was a loop recording. i guess i give her credit for consistancy. she barely moved from her planted spot the whole night though i did see her foot tap up and down a couple of times...

...robert seemed to really be holding back so as not to upstage allison. he reminded me of my 5 yr old when i tell him to sit still...just aching to burst... he really broke all out during the zep songs and you could see that was where he was most comfortable and enjoying himself . it made me sad that he wasn't up there with jimmy and jpj to let them enjoy performing the zep songs like he gets to.

...all in all it was an entertaining show with the highlight of getting to see robert occasionally being robert...all i can say to him is "bring it on home"...it's obvious where you belong... B)

...you can check out the video on youtube and decide for yourself.

...one final side note...i was driving the 5 hour ride home the next day...in the middle of no-man's land, norway...going 80 km/hr past a bus stop and there i found 2 posters advertising the bergen gig(the first and only i'd seen anywhere in norway)...they looked fresh and new as if they had just been put there, though the concert sold out a while ago...of course i had to give them a new home :)


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