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Hammer Of The Gods

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Saw them like a year ago at the Boulton Center in Bayshore and before that i saw them at The Tilles Center at CW Post. They blew me a way. The singer I thought was just a little too girlish.

every time i see a NYer commenting on a tribute band, I cannot help but to chime in about the Zep Rock Symphony at the Brookhaven Ampitheater on Long Island. Apologies to those who are sick hearing me talk this up, but it truly is fantastic show. a full rock band of awesome musicians backed by the LI Philharmonic Orchestra. Randy Jackson of Zebra does an amazing job on vocals. the venue is outdoors and beautiful. this year's show is July 26th and tix are on sale now. if you love Zep, this would be a great highlight to your summer (it has been for me for the past 4 years). :)

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