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John Bonham mentions in Ringo Starr book


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Ringo Starr released a picture book, in 2004, entitled "Postcards from the Boys" (for the Lotus Foundation registered charity) which was a collection of some of the postcards he received from the other Beatles throughout the decades. He would have a short paragraph about each postcard or what memory it produced.


[Regarding Starr's time living in Monte Carlo, starting in the mid-1970s]:

[T]hings happened in the first couple of years in Monte Carlo. One, I went mad and spent a lot of time -- it seems like years now -- hanging out with John Bonham, who spent a year there.


[Regarding Starr's time living in Hollywood, CA, between 1974-78]:

"All these houses, all these homes. I was California dreaming. At 2 a.m., because L.A. closed down at that time of night, you could hear all the traffic coming to my house. There was a party every night. John Bonham would always get a bee in his bonnet. Wherever he was in L.A., he would drive up to my house, grab me and throw me in the pool.

Day or night -- he wouldn't care. I'd be ready, about to go out and, 'No John, no!'

'No, I'm going to throw you in the pool!'

He was a a very good guy -- well, for a while, and then he sadly left us.

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I heard an interview with Ringo once talking about a car ride with Bonzo back in the 70's. Apparently Bonzo was driving a Muscle Car and was pulled over for excessive speed. This was in LA, Sunset Strip I think. He took the cop to the front of the car and shows him the engine, explaining where it gets all its horse power and why it is so hard for him to drive it slower. Ringo indicated that the cop seemed to know who he was, and was impressed with Bonzo's knowledge of the car he was driving and let them off with a warning. B)

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