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  1. Belated birthday wishes, John Paul! I hope you had a beautiful day. It was a pleasure and an honor to meet you again, last year. You have always been so genial and gracious. All the best to you, MSG, a fan forever
  2. It looks like Jimmy is wearing the same scarf in both photos.
  3. I don't think it's Tommy in the limo with Jimmy. Here's another photo of the man:
  4. You're right - I remember the mention of Brian's album now...and Jimmy mentioned it, I think, on one of his OTD posts. I love the album too.
  5. Thanks so much for writing this out, PlanetPage. I really appreciate it and I will save this wonderful story along with the photos. I like how Jimmy mentions Eric Clapton's "magnificent mastery of the blues guitar." John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton is a fantastic album - I've been listening to it for at least half my life and it's still one of my favorites.
  6. I used to think that Jimmy's first trip to Morocco was in 1975 and that Burroughs convinced him to go during the interview/conversation in Burroughs's downtown loft, when he told Jimmy about Jajouka music. But then, in a more recent interview, Robert said he took Jimmy with him to Morocco in 1972 and showed him the Atlas Mountains...perhaps he meant 1975?
  7. Back to where I left off and what a momentous OTD. PlanetPage and Aen, thank you for archiving so many of Jimmy's OTDs - without you, I would have missed all this. This particular entry about Jimmy's trip to Morocco is fantastic as my husband and I made our first and best trip to Morocco not long after Jimmy and Robert visited. We were there in that moment when it still held its 60's and 70's vibe, in those last hours when hitchking was safe and the country was still populated by interesting artists and characters, and a few decades before the Djemaa and Essouraira began to heave with tourists and touts. I'm thankful to Jimmy for sharing little slices of his travels (along with his passport stamps) - it's given me a unique glimpse into his life as a traveler and encouraged me (not just to keep traveling) but to pull out my old passport pages and scan them to keep beside my vignettes and photos.
  8. I love this photo and I love the way that he seems to be glowing with pride at the photographer, his daughter Scarlet. It's always a treat when Jimmy mentions his family.
  9. I am so curious about what Jimmy had to say about their performance as I love this band so much. I can't read the fine print....does he talk about his experience there and what he thought of the band? Did Clapton play with them that night? Thanks.
  10. What a heartbreakingly beautiful tribute to John. Thank you for archiving all of these, aen. I've missed so many of them and have much to catch up on but I'm glad I found this one, it is so very special.
  11. Jimmy looks lovely here - he seems relaxed and at ease.
  12. I think this is a well-deserved honor for the kid who left the Iron Range, influenced many through his poetic lyrics, and became an American treasure. From everything I've read and heard about the man, Bob Dylan loves this country and its people in the way that Woody Guthrie loved it. I've spent many years in impoverished countries where freedom of speech (including protest songs) is not a right and not protected and, even in those places, we encountered people who could recite many of Dylan's lyrics verbatim.
  13. Thanks for the interviews. I think Tavis and Charlie are excellent and I look forward to almost all of their interviews. I'm not familiar with Gayle King but I wasn't impressed with what I saw of her segment of the interview. I still consider Gregg to be an incredibly important musician and I would have personally granted him more respect (or empathy). Anjin-san, I read that book a long time ago too and I remember thinking it was excellent even though Gregg (and maybe Dickey too?) declined to be interviewed for it. I'm curious about Gregg's book and will probably read it - he may give us some insights into Duane and the band that only he can provide.
  14. Happy Birthday Bob. "May you always know the truth. And see the lights surrounding you."
  15. It's really a wonderful conversation with Vashti, PlanetPage! My daughter is here with me now and we read it together. We are going to read the Andrew Oldham interview you've shared here next. We both thank you. I agree about the extraordinary details that we are learning about Jimmy from his entries that focus on his session days. When we put together everything that has been shared over the past 9 months, we realize that his really is a remarkable journey. Jimmy may yet mention his collaboration with Biddu. Donna and Robin, two of the brilliant stars of the 1970s...now gone - they both fought cancer so long and so bravely.
  16. What a great find! Thank you so much for sharing this, PlanetPage! My daughter will also love reading it. I really like the song that Jimmy posted too, AEN.
  17. Thank you, AEN! One of my daughters is a tremendous fan of Vashti (as well as of Nick Drake, Nico, Fairport Convention, etc.). My daughter and her friends all have Vashti's album Just Another Diamond Day so I often hear it played here. I just showed Jimmy's OTD to my daughter and she was so excited - as was I, as neither of us knew of Vashti's connection to Jimmy Page.
  18. ♫ Happy Birthday SuperDave! Have a great day! ♫

  19. When we saw this earlier tonight, my friends and I thought that Jimmy had posted the Knebworth photo in order to show how the use of laser beams onstage had evolved from 1975 to 1979. He uses the expression: "but from little acorns, mighty Oaks do grow!" and shows himself using the laser bow. When I first saw the band use lasers in 1975, I remember them as greenish glowing beams of light (no pyramid or bow yet).
  20. I have to admit that this charming photo of Jimmy (his facial expression, his hands) makes me realize that he still melts my heart to my very soul. These photos look beautiful and I am sure that there are fans who are collectors of such things who are willing and able to purchase them to have in their collections.
  21. Thanks, Aen, for capturing Jimmy's OTD and for the photo from his book. I've saved his photo of the antique French postcard. PlanetPage, I am very curious to know if Jimmy left Cairo and traveled to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings...and to the Queen Valley and Abu Simbel to visit the tombs and temples in those places. I can't remember if he's ever spoken about those places and what impressions they had on him. Surely he had to have traveled there, given his interests. I have an image in my mind of the Dark Lord walking slowly and quietly through the darkened temple studying the image of the Goddess Nut (Nuit) stretched across the ceiling, surrounded by the signs of the zodiac carved into the wall.
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