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I'm just looking at this Pic, I took of Robert, with a "Ring of Light..... a Halo" ???

As I sit here on Christmas day, 2010.......listening to "No Quarter" it has really "Hit Me" just HOW GOOD

Led Zeppelin are, What they mean, to ALL that have Listened, Watched, & Re-Played.........

Th Miracle of Christmas is All around us........ the Miracle of Music,

has given us No-Quarter...

It Gave us Believer's Led Zeppelin...

Happy Christmas to ALL, & to 2011....

Hang-man.... :ph34r:

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What are the paticulars?

It was taken on Nov 2nd 1998 at the Scottish Exhibition & Convention Centre (Hall 4) in Glasgow. He posted a few others in the Photo Forum (search function).

I was also at that show. High winds and rain outside. Robert was displeased by some security guards up front (in yellow yackets) being a bit too agressive and commented from the stage on "the strong, facist authority". The only tense moment in an otherwise rousing, up beat event.

Edited to add: I think the photograph may have been taken during No Quarter. It was not taken during the incident I mentioned above.

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