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Page wiring effects.


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I know what the effects are, like one turns the bridge pickup to single coil another does the same for the neck, and there's something about the pickups going out of phase but I have no idea what that means and I don't know if there are anymore than that.

Please help.


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I've tried a most of the Page mods, the coil splitting just does exactly what you said, it effectively turns a humbucker into a single coil. I've done this on my guitars and never really liked it, truth be told, most humbuckers are not really made to sound good split. Your output decreases significantly and it just doesn't sound that great in general.

The out of phase mod you're talking about is wiring the pickups so that they are electrically out of phase or in phase which you can switch between via push pull pots or switches. There is another way to do this that requires modding the pickup itself where one would need to reverse the polarity of the magnet so that the neck and bridge are magnetically out of phase. This is irreversible though, however sounds better and has a smoother, more dynamic response when you're using your volume controls. The get the same trebely nasally sort of tone when you have both pickups activated, and normal function when you're using either pickup by themselves and its a pretty neat mod imo. Its one of the few of the Page mods that I think is pretty useful for when you want a nasally, vocal, horn-like tone.

Here is an example of how it sounds, this guy uses the "Green mod" (magnet reversed in one of the humbuckers)

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