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Flight of the Conchords


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Love those guys - love the song 'if you're into it'... IF you have seen those Jammin' pics - My Husband actually looks a bit like Bret and I have a friend who's name is JARMYN who looks just like Jemaine!! - seriously if you have seen that movie 'Eagle vs. Shark' with Jemaine in it - that is the story of my friend Jarmyn's life! hahahaha

I hope that doesn't make me Mel!! hahahaha



If you want me to

I could hang round with you

If I only knew

That's what you're into


You and him

Him and you

If thats what you're into

Him hangin round, around you

You're hanging round, yeah you're there too


And if you want me to

I will take off all my clothes for you

I'll take off all my clothes for you

If that's what you're into


How bout him in the nude

If thats what you're into

In the nude infront of you

Is that what you'd wanna view


If it's cool with you

I'll let you get naked too

It could be a dream come true

providing that's what you are into


Is that what you're into

him and you in the nude

that's what he's prepared to do

Is that the kinda thing that you think you might be into


And then maybe later

we'll get hot by the refridgerator

In the kitchen next to the pantry

You think that might be what you fancy


In the buff being rude

Doin stuff with the food

Getting lewd with his food

We heard that's what you are into


And then on our next date

Well you could bring your roommate

I don't know if Stu is keen too

But if you want we could double team you


How bout you and 2 dudes

Him you and Stu in the nude

Bein lewd with 2 dudes with food

Well thats if Stu's into it to


All the things I'd Do

Things I'd do for you

If I only knew

that's what you're into.

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Here we go. Last year I was so excited by the previews of the show and the concept. EGADS, I just could not get into that show. It was painful, I bailed after watching parts of about 4 episodes.

Actually it is best just to watch the highlights because honestly that is how they were written - for stand up routines - so they just took heaps of their stand up routines and made the show around it... so I can see how the show can get tedious for some!

I actually just love their silly songs !! heehee

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