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My boyfriend gave me this link OBAMICON... This is a website that allows you to make your own "Obamicon", wich means you can transform your image (any image) in a style inspired by Shepard Fairey's iconic poster... (THE Obama poster).

I really had some fun toying around with some Plant images. So I'd like to share the link and my "creations" :rolleyes: with you and invite you to do the same with your favorite band member and post your creations here!!!! :D

Here are mines!!

obamiconhopeos4.gif obamiconplantmems4.gif

obamiconsexypt6.gif obamiconvikingboblm2.gif


HAVE FUN!!! :hippy:

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Oh my, this is fun! Here are mine:


And this (completely unrelated to Zeppelin, but I couldn't resist):


Thanks muchly for posting this! :D *runs to make 87 more Obamicons*

(Edited to get the pictures to show up properly.)

I love the Jimmy one!!! :D Thanks for posting!! Please share more!! ;)

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