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  1. Is the mistake on the album cover or label? The 19128 catalog number is from the 1977 reissue. The 7201 number is on the original from 1970, but WEA did not exist until 1974. It's possible someone switched out the original cover, or maybe they had some leftover 7201 discs when they printed the new covers. You can look here for more information.
  2. We need details, specifically the country, catalog and matrix numbers.
  3. Check the dates - probably one is from April 27; the other April 28.
  4. I would say somewhere between $500 and $1200.
  5. You're not mistaken; I recall a thread discussing the various 45s and LPs the song is on and some faded out and some didn't. If it wasn't in this forum it was on Steve Hoffman.
  6. I am pretty sure it dates from the late 70's. It is not particularly rare or valuable:
  7. If you know someone who has a legit copy of this compare them. Originals will have sharp printing (on both the disc and cover art) and counterfeits will be noticeably worse. If you bought it on ebay, you can return it - you won't even have to pay the shipping.
  8. I'm pretty sure all of these are boots, though some of the recent ones may be quasi-legitimate.
  9. An 8-CD box set was issued recently...
  10. Check the listing again.
  11. That is right around the going rate; it's not particularly rare so you probably can find one 5 to 10 pounds cheaper. Like a lot of bootlegs, prices can fluctuate!
  12. I for one want to hear Mr. Dragon Suit's opinions of the rest of the catalog; he did a nice job of editing the Hoffman threads down to the essence. Any thoughts on pressing plants to seek out or avoid?
  13. If you are seeking the best sounding vinyl, go here: WARNING: Be ready to have your eyes roll into the back of your head.
  14. That Paranoid sticker is on the shrink, plus it doesn't look right either. A lot of posters from another forum (Waxidermy) have taken notice of this seller and have noticed something fishy about the shrink wrap too, and also some of the listings have hyperbole that sounds implausible, if not outrightly false.