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  1. I recommend that you do what I do, CLICK. Then find the original and enjoy. I don't have time to listen to him butcher classics like that.
  2. You raise really great points here imo, and I pretty much agree with all of them. I remember when I first heard that Jimmy and David where teaming up. I was both excited and hesitant at the same time because I'd watched Jimmy unite with an exceptional front man in Paul Rogers, yet to my ears The Firm albums where mediocre compared to I expected from such a musically talented pairing. But when the day came and the local rock station dropped Pride and Joy it just blew my mind. The riff was slamming, vintage Page, yet it sounded fresh to my ears. I was like "Damn that rocks!! It was really exciting to be a Zeppelin fan again because we finally had new GOOD Zeppelin-like music, and from Jimmy Page himself. And it seemed like it was about damn time too. Pride and Joy quickly became the most requested song, day after day, week after week. People kept calling into the station asking to hear Jimmy's new music. I couldn't help but feel good for him because up till that time it kind of felt like he'd become a little irrelevant in the 'modern' musical landscape, even being viewed by some as an old washed up rocker whos better days where far behind. But despite the fact that the album did indeed sell really well and generated a lot of excitement at the time, in general I still think its a woefully underrated piece of work. It has Jimmy's best studio guitar playing/recording since Zeppelin. And the great thing is overall it still holds up fantastic even decades later. I agree with you, I hope that this album gets more attention from the fans and music critics than it has in the past and people really judge it on its merits and context without the tired clichés and pre-conceived judgements .
  3. Agreed, Zooma is a tour de force. It show cases JPJ's criminally underrated musicianship in spades. What I meant by Coverdale/Page being the "best over all" solo album by any of the guys is its AOR nature in comparison to Zeppelin's albums and not necessarily its musicianship (which was pretty stellar in itself imo).
  4. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, if so it can be deleted. Robert and his good buddy, AC/DC's Brian Johnson joined Paul Rogers on stage for a jam session during a "FREE SPIRIT UK TOUR" gig at Oxford last Sunday. Robert sounds solid as usual and nailed the Harmonica imo. The song they performed is the classic (Money: That's all I want).
  5. Robert proposed a musical reunion with Jimmy around 2012/2013, but Jimmy rejected it for some reason (I suspect it had to do with the creative parameters that Robert set for the style of music he wanted to make with him). . And Robert didn't seem to happy about the rejection saying that "He (Jimmy) just walked away". So as far as I can tell there is at least some level of interest on Roberts part to create/play music with Jimmy again. But so far there seems to be a hard disagreement on how to do it on both their parts. Odds haven't looked good so far for it happening at all. But as a fan I have fingers crossed despite the unlikely hood of anything coming out of it.
  6. One way Robert can get ahead of this rumor if its not true is to release a quick statement along the lines of "nothing to do with Zeppelin" and leave it like that. Then no one can legitimately complain about it. This has been gaining traction for about a week now, he can shut it down pretty fast if he wants.
  7. I'll never say never when it comes to Page playing again, but I think theres a better chance of getting new studio material out of him rather than a big WW tour. Several sources close to Jimmy including Robert Plant have said that Jimmy has a large portion of unproduced music he's been working on for years (wont do any good if he doesn't record it though). But he still looks great and pretty healthy so who knows about playing live. I'll believe it when I see it.
  8. What's makes matters even worse is Jimmy has aged very well since the O2, he looks great. Like he could just pick up the guitar and rock at any minute. Very odd imo. But honestly I didn't get any idea that he would perform at this event. Even with the promotional material. Just a gut feeling that he would do something like he did.
  9. I still maintain Coverdale/Page is the "best" overall effort put forth by any one of the three ex-members of Led Zeppelin. Just IMO.
  10. I'm interested in whos going to be in the back up band.
  11. Oh yeah I do for sure, but I suspect the circumstances are different now. This is just a hunch on my part and could be way off but I believe that project had more to do with calling Mr. Plants bluff more so than actually putting forth a meaningful project. Robert called the bluff and everyone (except Jimmy) moved on musically. But if the rumors are true and JP really does have some sort of fire to do something again it would be nice for him to finally team up with JPJ. He'd have a far better chance of making something memorable because Jonesy is such a musical talent and can complement Jimmy imo.
  12. Hear, Hear. I REALLY hope Jimmy and JPJ work together at least once more before they both shed their mortal skin (in fact far more so than I would Jimmy and Robert). JPJ was such an incredible part of the power of Zeppelins music despite the fact he's always been in the back ground. I think they could come up with some fantastic music.
  13. I really wish Jimmy would kick back into gear with JPJ. I really don't know why those two haven't teamed up at least once before now. Wonder if its personal or something.
  14. I'm no guitar player but I have a decent ear and know Jimmy's playing pretty well. I didn't hear any sign what so ever that he was having tremendous difficulty playing last year during that awards show. And that was totally unrehearsed. Grant that it was only one song so maybe there shouldn't be a rush to judgement until he does a full set.