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  1. Well, the start of a new MLB season is approaching, so I figured it's time for the 2017 MLB Contest. Here's how it works--pick a winner for each division & you will get awarded a point for each win that team gets during the regular season. Also, pick the 2 teams that you will think will secure the 2 wild card spots for each league. The points will get added up at the end of each month & naturally, the player with the most points wins. A little added bonus--for division winners an extra 100 points; 75 for Wild Cards. Past Winners: 2014, LedZeppfan1977 2015, Stargroves Tangie 2016, ebk Good luck to all....
  2. The Color of Right - Rush
  3. cave
  4. Leave That Thing Alone - Rush
  5. hair
  6. Bad Case of Loving You - Robert Palmer
  7. ^^ The Mariners have potential every year it seems like & never live up to it. And I think the Dexter Fowler move will be big for the Cards--so that edged them out over the Nationals for me. I think I'm ok with my picks the way they are...
  8. Well, I guess I'll break the ice, so to speak. I know most of the regulars like to get in before the final bell, Rick, so it appears the same this year... The picks: NL East - NY Mets (a shocker, I know)... NL Central - Go Cubs, Go... NL West - G-Men NL Wild Cards - St. Louis, Dodgers AL East - Boston AL Central - Indians AL West - Texas AL Wild Cards - Detroit, Baltimore
  9. math
  10. Look Her in the Eye and Lie - Alan Jackson
  11. novel
  12. Death and Destiny Inside the Dream Factory - Rob Zombie
  13. letter
  14. ^^ From being the next "phenom" to a flash in the pan--kind of like Robert Griffin. Quite sad, actually....