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  1. Well, I was going to wait for someone else to start this thread, but this is the breaking news story right now. Sale headed to Boston, a deal that could put the Sawx over the top--as far as favorites to get to the World Series...
  2. On The Turning Away - Pink Floyd
  3. Warriors in 7...
  4. Well--unless I missed something--we have yet to start a thread for the new NBA season, so here she goes... I don't know if the Cavs are chasing 73, but it seems LeBron won't have to work too hard this year to get to yet another NBA Finals. And it's going to be a long season in Miami for my Heat.
  5. Alucard
  6. bank
  7. Heart Full of Soul - The Yardbirds
  8. teeth
  9. I Can't Get No Satisfaction - the Stones
  10. The Speed of Love - Rush
  11. Batman
  12. I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight - Cutting Crew
  13. Heart of Glass - Blondie