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  1. Has it ever been confirmed that Shake My Tree was an ITTOD outtake? I certainly never heard any tape of that!
  2. Looks more like a paintor's smock than anything else... A relic from his art school days perhaps?
  3. The problrm is that even if such a documentary is made, it would only be one album and probably the eternal war horse, Led Zeppelin IV.
  4. Obviously one last one off show would be spectacular but I honestly don't imagine Plant would be swayed. (maybe time to give Coverdale a call? haha) An official Led Zeppelin documentary is WAY overdue as there has actually NEVER been one at all! If such a thing were possible, it would be nice to have a Beatles Anthology type thing as opposed to squashing it into two hours...
  5. All of 1972. Everybody always goes on about how 1972 was the best live year for Led Zeppelin. I respectfully disagree. The Song Remains The Same is better than anything I've heard from 1972. And I'll go further than that. Knebworth 79 was the best Led Zeppelin concert since MSG 1973. The only problem is that the bootlegs have a bad mix! Listen to the Knebworth tracks on DVD. There was no overdubbing and minimal editing. You can check this out at the Garden Tapes if you wish. Rock and roll!
  6. U2

    I like the early albums, particularly October, and then I love Achtung Baby and Zooropa (particularly Zooropa). I though The Joshua Tree was rather meh and I thought Rattle And Hum was extremely meh. The later records are OK, a few good songs on them and I have a particular soft spot for No Line On The Horizon.
  7. There is no definitive version of The Song Remains The Same!!! The original was imperfect, the 2007 one was a complete botch. The only way to salvage TSRTS would be to: · Release 6CD box set with complete unedited shows, like Deep Purple did with Made In Japan NOT GOING TO HAPPEN · Release complete show worth of material in original running order with unedited takes from different nights. But don't call it The Song Remains The Same. UNLIKELY · Release the original 1976 version with other songs on separate companion disc. PLAUSIBLE
  8. Online dating now is it? That's what I call scraping the barrell...
  9. "This isn't just the floatsam and jetsam" , Jimmy Page 2012 What Is and What Should Never Be (Rough Mix with Vocal) Thank You (Backing Track) Heartbreaker (Rough Mix with Vocal) Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) Ramble On (Rough Mix with Vocal) Moby Dick The Immigrant Song (Alternate Mix) Friends (Track, No Vocal) Celebration Day (Alternate Mix) Bathroom Sound (Track, No Vocal) That's The Way (Rough Mix with Dulcimer & Backwards Echo) Gallows Pole (Rough Mix) Black Dog (Basic Track With Guitar Overdubs) Rock And Roll (Alternate Mix) The Battle of Evermore (Mandolin/Guitar Mix From Headley Grange) Stairway to Heaven (Sunset Sound Mix) Misty Mountain Hop (Alternate Mix) Four Sticks (Alternate Mix) Going to California (Mandolin/Guitar Mix) When the Levee Breaks (Alternate U.K. Mix) The Song Remains the Same (Guitar Overdub Reference Mix) The Rain Song (Mix Minus Piano) Over the Hills and Far Away (Guitar Mix Backing Track) The Crunge (Rough Mix - Keys Up) Dancing Days (Rough Mix with Vocal) No Quarter (Rough Mix with JPJ Keyboard Overdubs - No Vocal) The Ocean (Working Mix) Brandy & Coke (Initial/Rough Mix) In My Time of Dying (Initial/Rough Mix) Houses of the Holy (Rough Mix with Overdubs) Boogie with Stu (Sunset Sound Mix) Driving Through Kashmir (Rough Orchestra Mix) Two Ones Are Won (Reference Mix) Hots On For Nowhere (Reference Mix) Southbound Piano (Rough Mix) Fool in the Rain (Rough Mix) Hot Dog (Rough Mix) The Epic (Rough Mix) The Hook (Rough Mix) Blot (Rough Mix) We're Gonna Groove (Alternate Mix) Bonzo's Montreux (Mix Construction in Progress) Poor Tom (Instrumental Mix) Desire (Rough Mix) Walter's Walk (Rough Mix) Even though some things are revelations (some of the instrumental tracks were very interesting) this is mainly exactly that; floatsam and jetsam. However, there were some incredible revelations: Whole Lotta Love(Rough Mix with Vocal) La La Since I've Been Loving You (Rough Mix of First Recording) Jenning's Farm Blues (Rough Mix of All Guitar Overdubs That Day) Keys to the Highway / Trouble In Mind (Rough Mix) Sick Again (Early Version) Everybody Makes It Through (Early Version/In Transit) For Your Life (Reference Mix) 10 Ribs & All / Carrot Pod Pod (Pod) (Reference Mix) Royal Orleans (Reference Mix) In the Evening (Rough Mix) If It Keeps On Raining (Rough Mix) Sugar Mama (Mix) Four Hands (Bombay Orchestra) Friends (Bombay Orchestra) St. Tristan's Sword (Rough Mix) Bring It On Home (Rough Mix) Everybody Makes It Through (Rough Mix) And all things considered, these tracks were well worth the price of admission alone! Yes, they could have fit on a 2 or 3 CD set but reissue campaigns taken into consideration, it wasn't the worst!
  10. At what point did he supposedly start any rumours that a complete concert-worth of Earls Court material will be released?
  11. Down here in the south of Europe they haven't gotten the releases in the record shops and won't be expecting them till WEDNESDAY!!! I ask you...
  12. The best moments??? Tangerine. The best version of Kashmir ever. Extended No Quarter. Extended Dazed And Confused. Etc. This release would be fucking amazing!
  13. How about a commercial release of Lucifer Rising and Deathwish II first?
  14. Start scouring Amazon everyone! And so the many cogs of the hype leading up to a Led Zeppelin release slowly and painfully creak into movement...
  15. Oh no! We'll have to wait even longer!