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  1. Road to somewhere-Goldfrapp
  2. Just like heaven- The Cure
  3. needs a pat on the
  4. it had been getting away
  5. Me too. But Coverdale is a idiot as a person.
  6. Life is for living-Coldplay
  7. Rush-Power windows
  8. its my life-Bon Jovi
  9. cannot beat the feeling that
  10. sign
  11. Rain all day. It is meant to be gale force winds here for the next 2 days. That is what the Mrs said earlier. As long as it does not rain like today i am not bothered. Oh and i want everyone to stay safe.
  12. I was fine about turning 30. But when i was 40 in December. No that does not feel good. Life goes way too fast.
  13. Dinosaurs are chicken inside. Battered on the outside. Also available in the shape of Jets. My diet is how it is now i am ashamed to say. Not much healthy. And not very varied. I am slim though. That is because i walk everywhere.
  14. Did not know about that. RIP Brian Pern
  15. door
  16. Are you gonna be my girl- Jet
  17. is there something i should know ?.-Duran Duran
  18. Kashmir for me as well. Because it is right up as one of my fave tracks anyway. So obviously is on this release too. Looks like i am in agreement with most of my fellow Zepheads.
  19. Like i seem to say to most of these types of threads i change my mind. Due to mood. Do i want to move about ?. Etc,etc. But mostly i would say, Kashmir,Bron-yr-aur, Custard pie. And i like In my time of dying- Because its nice and long.
  20. them nasty little things that
  21. The time is now- Moloko
  22. Think this will be in the newbie section with respect. Well done on joining the forum. Its brilliant and you will learn a lot through being on here. I play the shortest albums the most. Due to sometimes having limited time available. Through work and family. When i have loads of spare time there is nothing better than putting HTWWW or the beeb sessions. I only put the long ones on when i know i can listen to it all.
  23. First day back eating properly(after a sickness bug). Back to one of my usuals, Chips and dinosaurs. Hope it stays down. Because the little nibbles i have been having have shall we say, Been coming straight out. I feel so weak.
  24. The reserve goalie of Sutton United made me laugh last night when he tucked into the pie. I thought, Yes football like it used to be, Having some fun. But it turns out bets were placed on it being done. I should have known better.
  25. RIP Clyde Stubblefield