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  1. point
  2. Moon in your mouth-Goldfrapp
  3. Thorn in my side- Eurythmics
  4. even though you cannot play
  5. The morning papers-Prince
  6. laptops carpet floor or wooden floor ?
  7. holy water-Madonna
  8. direction
  9. might as well make use
  10. Always the last to know- Del Amitri
  11. I have been commenting about all the Star Wars merch myself. I had been getting quite a few t-shirts. Had to give it up now, There are that many available. Just in the 1 superstore that we do our shop in. They get reduced after a few weeks. But like i say, Too many. The main one for me is the At-At one. With smaller diagrams on. Arrows pointing to its parts. That is now. Wait until around November when the next film is getting very near. All that said. I love it really. A fan as a boy, to now, A Dad myself.
  12. jazz 80s music or 90s music?
  13. show
  14. the tin bin that one
  15. Let it take you-Goldfrapp
  16. I love Led Zep in every way. Big things,little things. Best band ever. That will stay the same for the rest of my lifetime.
  17. ill still be loving you-Kylie Minogue
  18. animal
  19. I am sorry to hear that too. RIP Your Dad. Best wishes to you and your family.
  20. Nightmare on Elm street tuna or salmon ?
  21. Lest we forget.
  22. now they are planning something
  23. Sheer heart attack-Queen
  24. charge
  25. everybody. Not one person seems