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  1. Do any of you follow a team, If so who ?. I am a MASSIVE Evertonian.
  2. cinema
  3. 50th anniversary show. Any kind of reunion- I wish.
  4. That is a good thing babysquid.
  5. I wish i was going to the concert on Monday at Manchester. Wondering whether to have a ride there to soak up the atmosphere and maybe buy some merch off the unofficial guys.
  6. The new Blondie album. It is really good.
  7. then when we find out
  8. mountain bike Ford or Vauxhall ?
  9. act
  10. Ghostbusters-Now a major motion picture. Got it from the charity table in the local supermarket.
  11. story
  12. RIP Mario Maglieri
  13. Starting to warm up here. Just ruined by a wind that is too strong. Been like this for the last 2 days.
  14. Holy smoke-Iron Maiden
  15. laugh
  16. We will paste Swansea. I think. I do tend to get all my teams predictions wrong though. The rest, United will draw. Leicester will edge a win. Liverpool will beat Southampton quite easily.
  17. Another one bites the dust-Queen
  18. ill
  19. Saturday night-Whigfield
  20. bad
  21. Alone-Heart
  22. Babe im gonna leave you-Led Zeppelin
  23. Italy
  24. A song for you-Amy Winehouse
  25. then we must go and