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  1. You guys are right about my statement as I mistyped it! I left out EARLY in my statement. I think zeps EARLY 1970s gig and especiially the 1960s gigs were not quite there. To me the best live gigs were from maybe 1973 on. And I dodnt think o2 gets stale at all.
  2. Of course Bonzo was an integral part of the band. But if anybody thinks Jason could not fill in....listen to the O2 concert. Now tell me again how Jason could not fill in. That concert to me is better than most of zeps live stuff from the 70s and especially the 60s.
  3. Thanks for the replies. No bubble here to burst. I assumed they are models, but where are they today? The kids in particular should be middle aged now. Are they around? Do they go around bragging to their buddies about being on an album that sold millions? Lard, interesting story. Anybody hear anything about he lady or the girl?
  4. They should have taken it up again once Jason was able to keep up, like others have posted. Especially to allow Page to do a follow up album after the horrendous ITTOD. Page stated he and Bonzo planned a more riff driven album for the follow up, I so wonder how great that would have been. What a loss.
  5. I was always interested in the cover art of Presence, especially wondering who the various people are. I understand they are stock photos with the 'object' cut into it. But does anybody know WHO the people are in the photos. I would think it would be so cool to be able to go around and say "Hey, check it out...thats me!" when showing people the album. On another thread someone did amazing detective work on the art for Zep IV, and I read about the 2 children identified on Houses of the Holy, has anyone looked into Presence?
  6. I wonder if the people living in that tower right now know how famous it is? If I owned the building I would have a framed cover of Zep IV hanging in the lobby! Heck If i owned the backyard garden from where the album cover photo was taken I would have marked it with a concrete marker and let interested Zepophiles take a photo from the location.
  7. Tea for one
  8. There are many polls here asking us to rank the Zeppelin albums in order. Physical Graffiti is often listed as the best, but being a double album that kind of weighs the process doesn't it? I mean, 15 songs on one album set! Heck yes its one of the best! But, what if the albums were released singly? I understand that if that was done they probably would have been arranged differently, but there is no way to know how, so lets go with what we have. Lets say PG1 was released as is: Side 1: 1. Custard Pie 2. The Rover 3. In My Time of Dying Side 2: 4. Houses of the Holy 5. Trampled Underfoot 6. Kashmir Then maybe 8 or 9 months later PG2 was released: Side 1: 1. In The Light 2. Bron-Yr-Aur 3. Down By The Seaside 4. Ten Years Gone Side 2: 5. Night Flight 6. The Wanton Song 7. Boogie With Stu 8. Black Country Woman 9. Sick Again I wonder how that would affect the rankings? To me, PG1 would suffer because of Trampled Underfoot (used to love it, bought the 45 when it was released, maybe I loved it to death because I cant stand it now), otherwise it would be a dynamite album. Side 1 of PG2 would be the ultimate side as to me every one of those songs would make my 'top 20' list of Zep songs. Side 2 suffers from The Wanton Song. Never really warmed to it. Its okay, and I never skipped over it while I was air guitaring to it on my 8 track in the mid 70s, just a weak song for me. And yes I love Boogie With Stu. I personally rank Presence as number 1 in my book (Achilles! Nobodys fault! Tea for One (maybe my #1 Zep song)! Hots on! For Your Life!), even with 2 weak songs (Royal Orleans and Candy Store Rock) the album still rises above Physical. But for those of you who put PG as your favorite Zep album, would either of the individual albums retain the number one spot or would your second place ranking then rise to number one? As an aside, if they did this, releasing PG1 in Feb of 1975 and PG2 in say December of 75 or Jan of 76, perhaps Presence would not have been rushed, perhaps "10 Ribs and All" would have been finished for a release on the album with a release date sometime in Jan of 1977. Just a thought.
  9. My brother bought II back in 1974. After hearing that I bought IV on vinyl. So IV was the first one I bought. The next one was Physical Graffitti on Vinyl when it came out, then Presence on 8 Track when it came out. First cassette was CODA when it was released in 1982, first CD was III last year!!!
  10. Its amazing that 2 of my all time favorites are on this list! Hots On for Nowhere and Poor Tom. And Royal Orleans isnt on it!!!!!
  11. Nope, most of us cant agree! I put Preesence as their best album! And I like CODA too. C'mon....Wearing and Tearing! So Cool!!! ITTOD has only 1 'Zeppelin" song for me, In The Evening.
  12. Best: Presence. By Far. Worst: Without a doubt ITTOD.
  13. But CODA is STILL a released Zep album, so put it in your rankings. Specifically I'd like to know how it ranks compared to ITTOD.
  14. Well, since Physical Graffiti is a double album this poll will kind of be biased towards that, but here is my pick: 1. Presence 2. Physical Graffiti 3. III 4. I 5. IV 6. II 7. Houses of the Holy 8. Coda 9. In Through the Out Door (A very distant 9th)