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    Glasgow, Scotland
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    Music, Rock, Punk, The odd dance track. Led Zeppelin. Reading, art (computer and real world) good movies.
  1. Craig Ferguson

    Saw him a few times in the mid 80s when he was doing the comedy circuit as Bing Hitler including the two Sundays when the "Live At The Tron" LP was recorded. Very funny guy.
  2. BBC Not quite complete sessions

    Yer Welcome! Indeed! But the bootleggers don't pay any of the artists behind the musical quotes Jimmy cut out anymore than they pay Zeppelin, the Garden Tapes convinced me to hang on to the bootleg versions as well as JP's original official version. Must get round to buying the "Complete" one sooner or later.
  3. BBC Not quite complete sessions

    http://www.thegardentapes.co.uk/index.html All you need to know....
  4. Favorite John Bonham drum kit?

    I always dug the Amber Vistalite and was grinning like an idiot when I saw the BBC footage from the O2 and saw Bonham junior's homage kit. The apparently unloved stainless steel kit's in the Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona (or at least it was in 2004 when I was last in that beautiful city).
  5. Could Zeppelin pull a Sabbath

    I'd say yes, but please no Rick Rubin. Why would they need him with Jimmy and John Paul, both able producers and who both know how to get the right sound?
  6. KISS

    Dumb-ass Rock 'N' Roll played by men in tights and make up. And I Love It! (Loud. of course). You don't need to switch your brain on much, it's well played, at times dodgily produced, rock music. A great front man with a terrible line in stage patter, a nasty brute of a bass player (who plays some great melodic basslines and walking stuff too) who spits fire and drools blood. What's not to love about that? The revolving guitarist and drummer positions have seen some great players, Ace was great for Kiss' sound and Peter's drumming fit in and gave the music a bit of a uniqueness. Special mention of course must go to Eric Carr who was, for me, the best drummer Kiss had. Kiss' ever present fifth member, the stage show, has always been a blast and in recent years has incorporated screen technology to great effect. Yes they're old men and not so agile anymore, yes Paul's voice is going, yes they have band members wearing Ace and Peter's make-up, but who cares? It's Kiss, it's just a pity there's no UK tour announced along with their recent EU date schedule. I'm hoping for a booking for Glasgow's newest arena which opens later this year. But then as my sig sez I hope that from Zeppelin eternally.
  7. Which Concert?

    Either of the two nights they played the Glasgow Apollo in December 1972.
  8. They're also on the cover of Record Collector, well Jimmy is, with a feature on the making of Houses Of The Holy. Wait a minute...... http://recordcollectormag.com/issue-detail/413 Check his guitar.
  9. Annoying Things

    Scottish peepul speek english tae ya basturdz! I know where ye're coming frae though, ay? I hate hearing thick Scottish accents oan tha telly, 'specially Glaswegians, we aw sound thick!
  10. She was right, but this woman's only "duty to look after" was to look after her rich friends while single-handedly killing off a large portion of Britain's manufacturing industries and turning previously nationalised services to private hands who then began the process of hiking prices up for the things we all need and now look at the State of the Nation. Utility companies making multi-million profits while pensioners have to choose between eating and heating. She was the first in a short line of PMs who've toadied to business interests and war-mongers (the glorious Falklands War!) while ignoring the needs of the people they're supposed to be running the country for. There is talk of her getting a State funeral, more expense for a woman hated by many in this country. When she goes they should cremate her and dump her ashes somewhere then use the money saved on her funeral for a giant piss-up for everybody.
  11. Celebration Day Movie - Forum Reviews

    I did not know that, do tell....
  12. Remembering that they're old blokes now I'd like them to do an hour or so of live classics and, if they felt so inclined, a new song or cover then an intermission. For the second set they'd play one of the studio albums in full (having omitted the songs in set one from the LP to be played that night) then encores of two or three more roof raisers. This would keep to the 2 hour-ish mark of the O2 show. The studio LP each night would ideally rotate, splitting PG between two shows to keep with my timing. You might not get to hear your particular favourite LZ LP (I wouldn't want them to do ITTOD when they played Glasgow for example) but my idea is we'd get live versions of all the studio LPs LZI to ITTOD via the tapers who would be in attendance. I've always fancied live versions of the studio albums.
  13. Celebration Day dvd flaw

    My DVD copy stuttered too but I just presumed it was the layer break and made the same face I make when it does it during a movie, Grrrr!
  14. Celebration Day

    You made me look, but it's a reversed 22 on my copy. It's the print-through of the matrix number of the CD! Turn it over.
  15. Artwork On Celebration Day

    Yes, that was the one I was referring to.