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  1. Gospel Zone

    Sock in Plant's pants during TSRTS

    Back in the late sixties - early seventies it was in vogue for male rock stars to wear feminine clothing ..... look at Keith Richards, David Bowie and others from the time. I think it looked better than what Plant wore at the O2 concert...I think that was rather, not in bad taste but, tasteless. It makes me long for the good old days when Roosters looked like Roosters instead of plain Janes. As for the sock, they got that look by wearing tight pants and no underwear.
  2. Gospel Zone

    Rolling Stones Thread

    I think the Stones usually shot themselves in the foot when it came to reissues on cd and lp. Although not perfect, the Sticky Fingers Deluxe set was the first set they ever got right.
  3. Gospel Zone

    Rolling Stones Thread

    Massive Rolling Stones Mono Box Set for Release New ABKCO collection will include band's discography from early Sixties through 1969 alongside compilation of singles and non-album songs The Rolling Stones in Mono Contents The Rolling Stones (U.K., 1964) 12 X 5 (1964) The Rolling Stones No. 2 (U.K., 1965) The Rolling Stones Now! (1965) Out of Our Heads (U.S., 1965) Out of Our Heads (U.K., 1965) December's Children (And Everybody's) (1965) Aftermath (U.K., 1966) Aftermath (U.S., 1966) Between the Buttons (UK, 1967) Flowers (1967) Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967) Beggar's Banquet (1968) Let it Bleed (1969) Stray Cats (2016) http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/rolling-stones-announce-massive-mono-box-set-w433790
  4. Gospel Zone

    Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

    "If you're going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use two feet." Keith Richards
  5. Gospel Zone

    What's YOUR Blues name?

    Dark Side Gloria
  6. Gospel Zone

    alternative lyrics / misheard lyrics - post the funniest

    The Who's "My Generation" I thought they were saying "Don't you knock my generation". I also thought they said; "They say cool is awful cold" and to this day I think that would fit better with bitching about old people because they do seem to think cool is awful cold. Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" All I ask for all I pray, Skinny little woman gonna come my way. Clean up a woman come and hold my hand Tell me no lies, maybe you'll help me mend Steppenwolf's "The Pusher" Still sounds more like "And I'd kill him with my Bible then I'd raise the rent" more than it sounds like "I'd kill him with my Bible and my razor and my gun"
  7. Gospel Zone

    Rolling Stones Thread

    The Stones are my all time favorite band, but in regards to the integrity of their later years, I have an idea for a cartoon much like the cartoons you see in the paper about politicians. Mick and Keith would be sitting around a camp fire like Billy and Wyatt at the end of the movie Easy Rider..... Keith says; "We did it man, we're rich." Mick says; "You know, Keith. We blew it." Keith says; "What do you mean?" Mick says: "We had it and we blew it."
  8. Gospel Zone

    Rolling Stones Thread

    I probably hate rap as much as Keith, if not more, and so when making music I don't want to go anywhere near it. And if I hear something that reminds me of rap, it probably got to close to it.
  9. Gospel Zone

    Rolling Stones Thread

    You can't trash rap enough, but Keith seems to be getting too close to it as when I was listening to Crosseyed Heart I started think about rap because Keith seemed too close to talking instead of singing.
  10. Gospel Zone

    What type of strings do you use and why?

    Gibson Vintage Reissue Pure Nickel, gauges: 10,13,17,26,36,46 or 11,14.18,30,42,50 depending on the guitar and the moment.
  11. Gospel Zone

    Pet Peeves

    How about drivers who are quick to blow their horn. Do they practice speed blowing? I can't even find my horn that fast. Maybe they drive with one hand on the wheel and one hand on the horn....keeping their horn covered at all times.
  12. Gospel Zone

    Pet Peeves

  13. Gospel Zone

    Pet Peeves

  14. Gospel Zone

    Pet Peeves

  15. Gospel Zone

    Favorite Rolling Stones Guitarist

    "Live With Me" is the first thing that comes to mind. It's a great rock 'n' roll riff. Didn't Keith Play bass on "Sympathy For The Devil"? I heard some bootlegs where he played bass on "Sympathy" on the '75 tour but it sounded a little over the top.