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  1. Saw you on my profile and decided to wish you a happy Sunday.

    Hope you're doing well, peace!!!!

  2. Nice!!! I love it, expecially mouth is very beautiful I think
  3. You're really nice!! And your hair is beautiful!
  4. poor Robert, nobody understand him...
  5. Thank you You can see my shadow on it (I take a bad picture xD): I would like to find a beautiful Zeppelin picture... The ones I found have all a bad or a false illumination and I can't make a good "chiaroscuro" Next one will be Rob...
  6. This picture's MINE My God
  7. This is not one of my best drawing, I made it before going out with my friends today, It's a sketch...
  8. Here's some pictures of me: my hair: I hate this one xD: excuse me if they are too big but I don't know how to resize them xD
  9. Have you got any pictures of Jimmy when he was a child?
  10. I love this man!!! Oh jimmy You probably have just seen these pictures but I love them...
  11. I'd like to post some pics... First one (I know, I look so ugly...) Me with horrible hair... My eyes: Me with a... Bag on my head
  12. Really? I've never seen any photos of her... Actually the manifestation was in my town: "Carrara". Thank you for the compliment...
  13. Here I'm manifesting for student's right:
  14. That's why you're here I suppose well... I'm crazy too, I love draw, play, write and listen to music... I would like to go in Scottland (that's one of my dreams and maybe next year I will realize it) and learn to speak english wery well ('couse my english is very very bad now).
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