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  1. Oh gosh, that pic makes me hear cowbells and Whiskey Train Memories from Israel 78/79 where I found a rare PH album and played it incessantly
  2. Ha ha, Who Do You Love just started playing on the radio.
  3. I never heard of deep fried turkey. How long does it take to cook? Is it greasy?
  4. Yup. I met a really nice guy when I was getting on the ferry last year to go to work. He told me he used to be a heroin addict. He told me what it was like. I then realized why the addiction. It is too bad people aren't properly trained in life skills. I sure hope that is changing.
  5. No, presently I only play hand drums. I ring it when the intuition to moves me. Verdun, Quebec France is where I had to sleep on the stack of matresses in a room full of bees when I was a toddler. I've had a strange life. That's an understatement.
  6. I was speaking of music in general. It's very mathematical. And I would have to disagree. Everything matters.
  7. Some songs are timeless and prophetic. And some need to be deciphered.
  8. Steve, can you tell me a little bit about the scheduling in 1975? Especially around May to June? thanks, Judy
  9. In the movie, the comraderie is always between John and John. Plus, Oh how I wish I could hear Dazed and Confused from the soundtrack without the vocals which are overpowering the rest of the band, plus the other 3 parts are extremely in sync.... hopes for a release of such one day.... hint, hint
  10. Verdun? That is where I recieved my 1878 swiss bell. It was waiting for me in an apartment on 3'rd ave.
  11. Oooh, I'll ring my swiss bell for you Katie Day a really funky chick radio announcer is back on Hal 89.9 That makes me happy
  12. I am a kabbalist If you add my pic to the name you get Kabbalahoney, lol
  13. RRRROOOOOAAAAARRRRR That's the lion in Judah la la la la , lol (me) Actually I tripped out on my way to class the other week someone had a HUGE lion poster with a Star of David in their window on what is considered the roughest part of Halifax, yet.... I saw a couple of friends meet and hug everyone on that street say hi to me. I'm never scared on it. The crime rate here is going down, down, down
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