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  1. lol. no it wasn't.. It was Ten Years Gone and I've been in deep think mode too mudh to notice, lol.
  2. I wish I could remove his vocals from some songs as easily
  3. Old school, old, old almost lost old ways school... and love.
  4. That's why I said I've seen way more slutty behaviour out of guys. In my mind, that doesn't make them studly. Makes them rather creepy... Power in numbers. Not enough people have spoken up against slutty men... There a new movement in the world... the move against slutty men.... And we ain't talking rubbing ourselves against you, lol
  5. I haven't seen too many movies compared to most people, but of the one's I've seen... probably Good Will Hunting
  6. Trust me, I wouldn't even take advice from the pope... The online dating idea is still creeping me out. I never in all my life picked up anything from a drinking establishment. Only thing I ever did for drinks is play backgammon and win, he he. Great way to get drinks. Schmoos a guy for drinks? You know... blech, sometimes its' embarrasing to be female. I think I might have to drag my next date out of the stratosphere, lol.
  7. There is a difference though between being agressive and just being an all around slut/whore, lol. Seriously, you can be selective and be agressive yet not be a slut. I've seen way more slutty whore behaviour out of guys in my lifetime than girls. I don't even have to sit and ponder that one.
  8. I think they ought to break it down into genderless categories: Those who will fuck anyone Those who are pickier Those who are extremely picky... etc.
  9. I am listening to Tea For One and noticing that the guitar before the vocals... as usual it changes my heart rate, lol.
  10. Anyhow, like I said before the BEST things in life ARE free. Now, you didn't tell me... When is too soon? And what if the guy initiates it? Which is often the case. The guy initiates it, she agrees. He's a stud, she's a slut, right? Why are we at 2008 still at a place where the rules are still different depending on whether or not you are male or female? When is a lady, no longer a lady? Does a man become a lowly worm? lol. Kind of like the serpent in the garden?
  11. Did you club them over the head first and grunt before you dragged them into the cage?
  12. Oh gosh, we are opening up ALL the cans of worms here aren't we? Ok, if I were a guy, and I had money, I wouldn't be concerned over losing money paying for a meal etc. If the companionship wasn't worth it enough in the first place, I'd sit home and crack open a can of beans, eat it cold and fart all night while I'd scratch my arse. Hey, tell you what. Let's get married, have kids. I'll go get a job in an office full of hot guys, while you stay home and deal with cooking, cleaning, changing dirty diapers, and dealing with the toddler's temper tantrums. Don't worry... I'll be sure to c
  13. I think the world was too stoned to make any sound judgements back then, lol
  14. Money has to go and wreck everything. How does paying for a date put you in a compromising situation? Quite frankly, I think the women's lib thing got way out of hand. They paid too much attention to things that were not really issues and not enough attention to the doozies. How early she gets affectionate? I don't know if that is so much of a standard now a days as opposed to a personal conviction. But I can tell you, when I was in Israel this past summer, my sis told me none of the guys there will date you unless you screw them. My reaction? Their loss, not mine. My dad says, they aren
  15. My mom and dad are old fashioned. My mom took care of home, my dad worked. My mom spent his money, lol. But in reality he made the money so that she could spend it. It made my father happy to make my mother happy. After all, he spent years searching all over Europe after the war to find her. They are still together. Actually I think a lot of my mom's shopping (she was always clothes shopping) was due to the holocaust and not having anything for so long, so my dad tolerated it. Besides she got everything on sale. She started playing bingo pretty regularly as a fun evening out and to make her
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