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  1. I've often wondered what my ticket stub from memorial day of 1977 is worth. Its in mint condition and I would not sell it. But when I depart this Earth I wonder how many minutes it would take for my daughters to look into the matter.
  2. I see this thread is called going to the movies. Yet people are posting movies that havent been in theatres in decades. Whats up with that? Isnt there another thread for favorit movies?
  3. I highly recommend this. Its on for 4 hrs tonight and will be on next Sunday and other dates. You can purchase the 11 part documentary for $49 at the Discovery website. I dont like starting threads. Its a very rare thing for me to do so. But I see many that are kind of not worthy of a thread and I think this is worthy. Lots of great info and incredible footage. Sigourney Weaver does a magnificant job and puts you there. Its all over the Earth. Deserts, oceans, forests, all kinds of wildlife and great info. A must see. Some examples, bats leaving there caves and being chased by pre
  4. Amen to that. This place is a real bore without him at night.
  5. Ive been throwing peanuts to the squirrels in the back yard. They are goin so fast I dont know if the squirrels are eatin em or the welfare trash next door? Does anyone know if the squirrel eats the shell too? I saw a young one climb the tree with one and he was eating it. I couldnt tell if he was eating the shell too. See how much time I have on my hands. Soon Ill be weaving baskets.
  6. Free contests all over the place. I just filled out two, one at ESPN and one at CBS sportsline. I have Pittsburgh on one and Syracuse on another. Of course Syracuse is my sentimental choice. I have to cheer for them. They are the home team and my daughter graduated from there. But, realistically, I have a better chance of hitting the lottery than them going all the way IM sure. But they always have been a good underdog.
  7. Well, Charles would probably agree with ending the thread. But he wouldn't want everything else to just cease because of his illness. He knows we are all concerned. I still dont believe this dude is real. He is a fake.
  8. It sure is. Whenever I see it though, I just wonder what could have been for Natalie Wood. Tragic end to her life way too soon. The only play I've seen in recent years was "A Christmas Carol" at the local Geva Theatre in Rochester, NY. It included an old English setting with the dinner and all. I know I saw "Treasure Island" when I was a kid. One of the brat kids I went with found it more amuzing to hit one of the actors in the rear end with his pea shooter.
  9. There are tons of free online bracket contests. Sportsline, ESPN, most newspapers online websites.
  10. Me and the ex wife bought a Kirby in 1984. I still have the Kirby and it is still working great. cost about $1100 then. Crazy. One of the few things I got out of the divorce.
  11. ] OK. Im going on a "fishing expedition". What age woman are you looking for Spats? Give me a range.
  12. Tell him we are all thinking of him. Tell him to keep pushing that button! It will help him sleep. thanks for the update.
  13. it sounds like you are just like my wife's sister. TOO PICKY!!!! Shoot for the stars and maybe you will hit a duck.
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