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  1. i will never forgive brian may for that! okay... i could find out - but why is john deacon not with them?
  2. yuk! thats gross steve and you know it!
  3. i have heard that but i dont believe it unless it's brain is somewhere else
  4. oh my! then again that must be a bit weird just imagine only being hungry once a year!
  5. i agree with the sentiment ! i also cannot imagine a worse death than drowning! i mean just try and hold your breath for 3 mins doesn't bare thinking about
  6. wow - you've just cured all my christmas worries with one sentence ty mz!
  7. i love fleetwood mac's peter green years i cannot, however, understand how they went from this to this and as such i've hated them for decades!!
  8. doesn't everyone? HYE had an ugly day?
  9. a bargain 50p for the album £4.99 p&p amazon tactics
  10. you should get that printed in a christmas greetings card
  11. pippin everytime! witch king or sauron? am i hijacking this? - oh what the hell
  12. shit...his beard gets fluffier every time i wash him
  13. really not a problem 59 i got.......... scared? i know ya are!!!
  14. kill it twice why don't ya - just to be safe!
  15. have to remove all the washing thats in there before i can see dry land daughters - messier than men and then some!
  16. the smiths - dont get me started on them i love em to bits - best uk band of the 90's
  17. damn you! i was just about to jump in the bath
  18. atta boy! just chill winston and dont let those nasssty humans trouble ya!
  19. you are 100% accurate with that mr h!
  20. all of *for your life* *ten years gone* solo *bron -y- aur* *white summer, black mountain side*
  21. prisoner alan lee or john howe?
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