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  1. doesn't everyone? HYE had an ugly day?
  2. pippin everytime! witch king or sauron? am i hijacking this? - oh what the hell
  3. prisoner alan lee or john howe?
  4. not an ulcer but 5 weeks in bed HYE judged a book by it'e cover (i always do)
  5. LOTR a million times over!! *fellowship of the ring* or *the king returns*?
  6. to tell someone who suffers from depression *not to worry about things* is not to understand the condition i have a bipolar disorder that doctors and specialists cant cure - never mind members of a chat forum there is a place for everything, but sadly help with problems such as these wont come overnight OR in here!
  7. madras is a *supposedly* mild indian curry sauce - but is in fact quite hot ! vindaloo is described as *hot* so you can imagine! one spoonful and thats it! mortal - imagine never dying, that would be scary! polar bear or grizzly bear?
  8. this is my favourite RP album - pure joy to listen to it is difficult to say which track i like best, but i adore anniversary - the vocals sound so heartfelt any thoughts on this album?
  9. superman jack nicholson or heath ledger
  10. salami australia or new zealand (landscapes)
  11. thanks - i have a terribly addictive personality but have managed to quit all my bad habits one by one the hardest was smoking - but am happy to say havent touched a cig for three years now!
  12. here's a confession i was addicted to amphetamines for two years during my 30's it started as a slimming thing but soon overtook my whole life i kicked the habit some 10 years ago after wasting a whole lotta money on the stuff i did lose weight though!
  13. as part of ongoing treatment for anxiety and depression, i am taking seroxat (known in the US as paxil) it is a form of paroxetene which is an ssri it takes time to start working, but is pretty effective the main side effect i am having is short term memory loss, but that's about it
  14. i think the only thing that can save this planet is to be hit by another meteorite. everything gets wiped out and life starts again so the answer to the question is YES HYE wished someone dead
  15. i have read a lot of critical acclaim about rushdie but have yet to read any of his novels is *midnight's children* as good as the reviews it gets?
  16. i dont seem to sweat anywhere else other than my head and oh boy when i do sweat it reaches the ends of my hair even though it's shoulder length
  17. err no - i wouldn't even know how! HYE took a pee in a public place (hidden of course)
  18. constantly - but i force myself to sit back and count my blessings HYE felt remorse after accidently squishing a snail/slug
  19. yes - that might explain why i've started roaming about at night biting people for no apparent reason actually no HYE cheated in a very important exam?
  20. no i'm a pacifist HYE dinted someone's car and drove off without saying?
  21. wow mary - that's gotta be the question of the thread
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