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  1. the doors Hendrix hawk wind deep purple chain fleetwood mac pink floyd metallica budgie black sabbath stones iron maiden wolf mother
  2. look there are people who have a pentagram or a sign of Satan so thay fit into the whole rock label .thay are fake . so called witches i do know fake witches thay like to watch Sabrina the teenage witch and the craft movie so thay follow the trend .. the true followers of such things do not say hi i do black magik your eyes are open but thay are closed at the same time the biggest church in the world are tricking people . the true followers of such a thing thay worship many gods yet thay make u think its 1 god the true followers of magik . yes i do know page was into
  3. this is why iam asking for your honest thoughts .
  4. Thanks for the add, with regards from the nethermost caverns.

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

  5. Robert plant will not sing stairway to heaven and some other songs .. why is he so frighten is it because of bonham's death and the events that took place around that time .. is there a real secret to there songs as i once heard from a famous artist thay sing and dance yet they don't know what thay are saying . was page on another level than the rest of the band . was black magik in full force . i had been told as a youngster by a witch the spirits love zeppelin . what is your whole thought on this .. true or false ...
  6. they are blind to the truth yet its in front of them . master of lies

  7. i have been missing for along time ,i explored my mind. i'm back to say hello and tell you about all the things i have discovered. its been along time . but i'm here again to say i did survive and now you and i can share . the writings once again in the zeppelin forums
  8. [ tryed to put up another drawing ummm it dont look like i can do it help me please
  9. [ how do i put up my drawings m?????????????????
  10. YES my mother in law its always a war about zeppelin [mother in law once sead who would like that music only a bunch of crack pots lol led zeppelin are crap elvis is crap ] well stop and look around mother in law the beatles were not the only band on earth and i think in germany were thay stayed once thay had cross dressers suck them off some red light district i herd some shit like that on a documentury ummm so get stuffed and LED ZEPPELIN are still going strong and now ill tern my c.d player on max with no quater playing take that u beatle loveing tea drinking coot i love
  11. PACINO scarface i will never ever change my mind i love the movie love the actor and i can only put it as page/pacino al pacino is like j page of the movie screen 2 me
  12. well listening to the HAWKWIND music dvd/ HENDRIX/a little deep purple
  13. how can u not like this band of color can u put me to any other bands like zeppelin / hawkwind /pink floyd dark side of the moon / need 2 open the music mind / great album ayyyy
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