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  1. The 1977 tour was just so negative and dark, overall...it just has that vibe. Some of my favorite Zeppelin concerts and setlists are from this tour, but overall there was so much more behind it than the previous tours. It seems like 1975 was the last time a Zep tour was "fun"...1977 just doesn't seem "fun" even when you listen to the best shows. The crowds were there for the event more than the music (riots, constantly tossing firecrackers at the stage, etc) and Page and Bonham were so far up their own arses with drugs/booze it affected the performances (Page, mostly...either brilliant or shite)... Still it's a tour that fascinates me and continues to to this day...
  2. The media is calling it a LED ZEPPELIN REUNION, which is annoying because I agree with y'all, Zeppelin died when Bonzo did!
  3. Just got this boot...when I thought Led Zep SBDs couldn't get any better (the Landover '77 gigs, San Diego '75, Southampton '73, to name a few) this comes along and blows me mind!
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